25 Things Not To Do When You Are On Your RV Roadtrip

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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When you are on your RV trip, driving across the country, or on vacation things will go wrong! We’ve all gone through accidents, engine issues, flat tires, and broken home appliances. There is always something to fix on an RV even if that is a brand-new one. When you are driving, things will move around, fall, and break. Most of the time, all is fixable, no worries, you will be able to work through almost everything you encounter. Here are 25 things that can go wrong and worth paying attention to:

    • Don’t forget to unplug the shore cord, the water, and the sewage hoses when you are packing up
    • Don’t attempt to drive off with the stabilizers down and stairs out
    • Don’t forget your parking brakes on your vehicles
    • Don’t forget to bring in the slides and awning before driving
    • Don’t assume that something won’t fall off. Secure everything
    • Don’t leave the TV hanging and always secure it before your drive
    • Don’t leave with the satellite dish and antenna up
    • Don’t back into a tree or trust your backup camera 100%
    • Don’t forget to lock the storage doors and the main door before leaving
    • Don’t leave your black tank valve open at an RV park
    • Don’t back up when your toad is connected
    • Don’t forget to take a picture of the wiring before unhooking to change the batteries
    • Don’t leave the windows open during the rain. Also, close the windows before bringing the slides in after the rain. Or else the water might end up in your motorhome.


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  • Don’t leave food outside or in your RV storage for the night, it will attract mice and other animals
  • Don’t forget to bring in your awning for the night or when you are leaving your RV
  • Don’t drive through sand if you are not sure how deep it is, you can get stuck
  • Don’t forget to check tree branches in the camping spot you are driving into. They can scratch your roof and cause leaks
  • Don’t forget to check if both ends of the sewage hose are secured and tightly connected before opening the tank valve. You can have a big mess if you won’t.
  • Don’t forget to remove all the stuff you store in the RV oven before baking
  • Don’t leave without a fly swatter, you will need it
  • Don’t trust your GPS when it tells you to turn into some weird or dangerous-looking place
  • Don’t forget to plan for at least two nights ahead, campgrounds can be full if you don’t have reservations
  • Don’t forget to set your fridge to propane when you are plugged into a friend’s RV
  • Don’t forget to disconnect your batteries and leave the fridge door secured open before storing your RV
  • Don’t freak out if something is going wrong, keep calm. In most cases, there is a solution


If you have any more “don’ts” please let me know below in the comment section. I am trying to grow this list.

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