How To Make Your RV Lifestyle Feel More Cozy?

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

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RV Life Cosy

Just because you are living in your RV, doesn’t mean it can’t feel like home. Whether you are on the road for a few weeks or for life, there are a few tweaks you can make to the RV to make it more like home. You can make your RV cozy and comfortable with a few simple tips.

Bring the Comfort Outdoors

Having a little shade outside the RV by adding a canopy provides a little extra space for relaxation. A canopy or awning is one of the best investments to make with RVing. You get protection from the sun and rain and a little space for relaxing outdoors. You can also get a few lanterns to add to the patio you have created to give it a warm and cozy feel in the evenings. The subtle glow along with a campfire at night is the perfect place to relax after an activity-filled day.

Personalize With Fabrics

You decorate your home to represent your personality and style, and you should do the same for your RV too. You can upholster the benches or chairs, add some throw pillows around, and make some curtains for the windows. These items add a touch of personality and comfort and when you make everything match, it brings the whole RV together for an extra cozy vibe.

 Add Some Succulents

You can add some plant life to the RV to make it cozy. Succulents are the best option because they are much easier to care for. Grab 2 or 3 of any color or style and make sure they have non-breakable pots. They will give a nice burst of color and life to the RV interior and are great for all climates. Just a little sunshine and water and they will keep your RV interior alive for many months.


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Wall Flair

Consider what sort of theme you want in the RV, the same as you would at home. Are you looking for a rustic feel, a farmhouse vibe, or a nautical theme? Whichever theme you decide on, you can grab a few pieces of art or wall decor to add to the RV walls. Adding photos is also a great way to create a cozy and family-oriented atmosphere to the RV. The more it feels like you, the more it will feel like home.

Outdoor Living Room

Take the comfort of your outdoor space one step further, by adding a large rug. An outdoor rug creates the atmosphere of a living room, giving you more of an “at-home” cozy feel. Have fun with the rug choice, bringing some cool designs or colors to the outdoor space. Make sure you get a rug that is easy to clean and quick-dry in case there is any rain. Having a rug also means you can walk outside barefoot, just like you do around the house.

Let The Kids Decorate

This is an easy way to make kids feel comfortable when living in an RV. Let them decorate their own personal space. That way they can bring familiar items from the home to make them feel comfortable. Living on the road can be unsettling at times for kids, and having their own space, with their treasured belongings, make them feel safer and happier. They can have a drawer that is full of their things as well as a favorite blanket, pillow, and toy. Hanging up their favorite pictures or other artistic creations also helps keep them feeling cozy.

Bring Your Creature Comforts

Do you always wear slippers around the house? Bring them in the RV. Do you have a favorite CD or movie? Bring your music and DVDs with you. Whatever you do at home in your quiet time, you need to have it in the RV as well. To relax on the road, you need to have the same creature comforts you do at home, and there are no rules that say you can’t.

With these simple tweaks, you can make your RV cozy so the whole family feels right at home no matter where you are.

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