How To Take Your Next RV Trip To The Next Level?

Last Updated on February 13, 2024

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Are you planning your next RV holiday? An RV holiday will always be good fun, adventurous, and memorable, but there are a few things that you can do that will take your experience to the next level on your next trip. So, if you are planning an RV holiday and want to know how to make this trip extra special and memorable, be sure to keep reading for a few ideas. Whether it is your first RV trip or your 50th, you should find these tips to be useful and help you to have the best possible experience.

Trip Planning Apps

RV trip planning apps are mobile applications designed to help RVers plan their trips and take it to the next level. These apps can provide information on campgrounds, RV parks, rest areas, gas stations, and other points of interest. Here are some of the features commonly found in RV trip-planning apps:

  1. Campground and RV park directories: These apps provide a comprehensive directory of campgrounds and RV parks. You can filter the results by location, amenities, and other criteria to find the perfect spot for your trip.
  2. Route planning and navigation: Some apps allow you to plan your route and provide turn-by-turn navigation. You can avoid low bridges, narrow roads, and other hazards specific to RV travel.
  3. Points of interest: These apps can help you find points of interest such as scenic drives, hiking trails, and historical landmarks.
  4. User reviews and ratings: Many RV trip-planning apps allow users to leave reviews and ratings for campgrounds and other points of interest. This can help you make informed decisions about where to stay and what to do.
  5. Weather information: Some apps provide up-to-date weather information for your destination, allowing you to plan your trip accordingly.
  6. Budget planning: Some apps can help you plan your budget for your trip, including gas, food, and camping fees.

RV trip planning apps typically work by using your device’s GPS to determine your location and provide relevant information. They may also require an internet connection to access the most up-to-date information. Some apps may require a subscription or in-app purchases to access all features.

Add Luxury Upgrades

First, you should consider upgrades to your RV that will improve your experience. An RV holiday can be a chance to escape daily life, but you still want to be able to enjoy luxury home comforts on your trip. A few luxury upgrades that could make a big difference to your experience include a high-definition television and games console, a new mattress, or new cooking appliances that will help you to cook delicious meals on your trip. Some common RV upgrades include adding a backup camera, upgrading the electrical system with solar panels or a generator, installing a new air conditioning unit, upgrading the entertainment system, adding a new awning, or upgrading the plumbing system.

Meet Up With Other RVers

One of the best things about RVs is the community that comes along with them. For your next trip, try to make friends with other RVers for a more memorable and social trip. You might be able to meet people beforehand at RV clubs and meetups or simply make new friends on the campsite. This could allow you to make new friends, create new memories and get advice on places to visit and things to do nearby.

Here are some ways to meet other RVers while traveling:

  1. Attend RV rallies: RV rallies are gatherings of RV enthusiasts and are an excellent opportunity to meet other RVers. Look for rallies in the area you’ll be traveling to and plan to attend.
  2. Join RV clubs: There are many RV clubs that you can join, such as the Good Sam Club or the Escapees RV Club. These clubs often have events and gatherings where you can meet other RVers.
  3. Stay at RV parks: RV parks are a great place to meet other RVers. Strike up a conversation with your neighbors or attend events and activities hosted by the park.
  4. Participate in social media groups: There are many social media groups for RV enthusiasts. Join these groups and engage with other members. You can ask for travel tips, share your experiences, and even plan meetups with other members.
  5. Attend local events: When you’re traveling, attend local events and festivals. These events are a great way to meet locals and other travelers, including other RVers.
  6. Start a conversation: Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with other RVers you see on the road or in a campground. Ask about their travels, where they’ve been, and where they’re headed next. RVers are generally friendly and happy to share their experiences with others.

Remember to be respectful of others’ privacy and personal space. Not everyone may be interested in making new friends, so be mindful of others’ boundaries.

Take A Motorcycle or car

One of the tricky aspects of an RV holiday is that it can be a lot of effort to drive an RV every time you need to visit somewhere that is not reachable on foot. Therefore, a great solution to this is to take a motorcycle or if you are with family, just tow a car. This will allow you to easily explore the area, visit the shops and head off on new adventures each day. If you cannot tow, just find a company that will ship motorcycles or cars to your destination, which can make it easy for you to bring them on the trip. You can compare motorcycle shipping companies online at Shiply to find the best option for your budget.

Take Photos

Finally, you should take a lot of photos on your trip. It is easy to forget to do this, but having photos to look back on will help you to cement memories forever and always bring a smile to your face. You could even take a digital SLR with you to take high-quality shots – this is a particularly good option for taking pictures while hiking out in nature.

These are a few ways that you can take your next RV holiday to the next level. An RV holiday is always an opportunity to escape daily life, reconnect with nature, and have an adventure. Still, there are always things that you can do to make this a far greater experience and for a more memorable trip.

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