The 5 Best Natural RV Holding Tank Treatments

Last Updated on February 14, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

Top Natural RV Holding Tank Treatments:

  • Caravan Full-Timer RV Holding Tank Treatment: Probiotic bacteria enzyme formula, safe for the environment and septic tanks.
  • Unique 20-Pack RV Digest-It: Dissolves quickly, eliminates odors and digests waste effectively.
  • TankTechsRx RV Holding Tank Treatment: Made of good bacteria, highly effective in breaking down waste without leaving odors.
  • Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment: Cost-effective, organic, and biodegradable, suitable for various weather conditions.
  • Bio-Tab RV Holding Tank Treatment: Hassle-free tablets, safe to use without causing corrosion to the septic system.

Regular maintenance and emptying of the septic system can be daunting. Keeping your RV holding tanks clean is work. If you have not used your RV holding tanks before or you just want to learn more about how to keep them sanitized, you will need to find the right treatment. I personally prefer greener products, I don’t like to use toxic chemicals in my living space. I’ve been researching natural holding tank cleaners.

Why Are RV Holding Tank Treatments Needed?

RV holding tanks serve a crucial role in your mobile home-on-wheels. They collect wastewater, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of indoor plumbing while on the road. However, without proper care and maintenance, these tanks can quickly become a source of unpleasant odors, blockages, and unsanitary conditions. To prevent these issues, RV owners use holding tank treatments.

The Problem With Chemical Treatments

First, let’s talk about the problem with traditional chemical treatments. While they are effective in breaking down waste and reducing odors, they contain harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. When these chemicals are flushed into septic systems or dumped into the environment, they can pollute water sources and harm aquatic life. Not to mention the potential risks they pose to human health.

The Benefits of Natural Treatments

Natural RV holding tank treatments offer an eco-friendly alternative that is both effective and safer for the environment. Made from natural enzymes and bacteria, these treatments effectively break down waste and eliminate odors without the use of harsh chemicals. They are also safer for septic systems, as they do not damage the natural bacteria that break down waste in the tank.

Why Natural is Better

In addition to the environmental benefits, natural RV holding tank treatments also offer several advantages for your RV. For starters, they do not contain formaldehyde, a common ingredient in chemical treatments that can damage rubber seals and components in your RV’s plumbing. Natural treatments are also gentler on the overall system, helping to extend its lifespan.

What Do RV Holding Tank Treatments Do?

RV holding tank treatments are specially formulated products designed to address common challenges associated with wastewater management in RVs. Here’s what they do:

  • Breaking Down Waste: Holding tank treatments contain enzymes and bacteria that break down solid waste and toilet paper, reducing the risk of clogs and blockages.
  • Odor Control: They neutralize unpleasant odors, keeping your RV smelling fresh and pleasant.
  • Lubrication: Some treatments include lubricants that help prevent waste from sticking to tank walls and sensors, making tank emptying more efficient.
  • Maintenance: They assist in maintaining the overall health of your RV’s wastewater system, prolonging the life of your holding tanks, and preventing costly repairs.

Why Choose Natural RV Holding Tank Treatments?

While there are many conventional holding tank treatments available on the market, opting for natural alternatives offers several advantages:

  • Environmental Friendliness: Natural treatments use eco-friendly ingredients that are safer for the environment. They won’t harm the delicate ecosystems you may encounter during your travels.
  • Health and Safety: Natural treatments are gentler on your RV’s components, including seals and gaskets. They are also safer to handle, reducing the risk of exposure to harsh chemicals.
  • Odor Control: Natural treatments effectively control odors without the use of strong synthetic fragrances, resulting in a more pleasant and toxin-free environment inside your RV.
  • Biodegradability: Natural ingredients break down quickly, minimizing the impact on RV park septic systems and dump stations.
  • Versatility: Many natural treatments are suitable for both blackwater and graywater tanks, simplifying your maintenance routine.

How to Use Natural Treatments

Using natural RV holding tank treatments is easy. Simply add the appropriate amount of treatment to your tank and let it do its work. These treatments work best when paired with regular maintenance, such as regular tank flushing and cleaning. It’s also important to choose a treatment that is appropriate for the size of your tank and the number of people using your RV.

By making the switch to natural RV holding tank treatments, you can effectively maintain your tanks while also doing your part to protect the environment. These treatments offer a safe, effective, and eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemical treatments, all while extending the lifespan of your RV’s plumbing system. So, the next time you’re looking to stock up on holding tank treatments, consider going natural – your RV and the environment will thank you!

Tips for Using Natural RV Holding Tank Treatments

  • Read Labels: When selecting a natural holding tank treatment, read the product labels to ensure it meets your specific needs.
  • Follow Instructions: Use the treatment as directed to achieve the best results.
  • Regular Maintenance: Treat your tanks regularly, not just when odors become noticeable.
  • Water Conservation: Ensure your tanks have sufficient water to help treatments work effectively. Aim for a good balance between waste and water.
  • Stay Hydrated: Properly hydrated tanks can help prevent waste from sticking to surfaces.
  • Proper Disposal: Always follow local regulations when emptying your RV’s holding tanks.
Firstly, you should understand that there are three types of RV Holding tanks you have; freshwater tanks, greywater tanks, and blackwater tanks. We won’t be talking about your fresh water tank now only the gray and the black water tanks. The RV holding water tanks should be emptied before they are two-thirds full for easy flow. To empty the tanks, you will need a sewer hose, treatment, and gloves. Make sure that you dump the wastewater into the dump stations. To maintain your RV holding tanks, you should clean and sanitize them to prevent future problems. Here are five of the best natural holding tank treatments that I’ve found:

1. Caravan Full-Timer RV Holding Tank Treatment

caravan holding tank cleaner

The treatment uses a probiotic bacteria enzyme formula to treat the RV holding tanks. It is natural; hence it is safe for the environment, pets, and the septic tank. The treatment is easy to use as you do not need to mix it with anything. It is highly effective and contains 16 treatments for eliminating odor from the from amazon


2. Unique 20-Pack RV Digest-It

rv digest itThe RV holding tank treatment is easy to use. All you need is to dissolve the treatment into the pod and flush the toilet without the need to measure the quantity. Once it dissolves, it eliminates odor, and it digests all the waste including the solid waste. After removing the odor, it does not leave any fragrances of the chemicals used. It is mostly used in the black and gray tanks. The treatment works very fast by breaking down the waste and making sure that your RV holding tank can be emptied easily.
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3. TankTechsRx RV Holding Tank Treatment

The treatment is mostly used for black and grey tanks. The treatment is highly effective, and you only need a ½ ounce to treat any tank size. The treatment is made of good bacteria that can breakdown the solid waste into liquid waste. The treatment removes any odor from the septic tank, and it does not leave any scent on the tank. Therefore, it is safe for the environment and the people around as it is made of natural products.
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4. Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

happy campers

It is one of the most cost-effective RV tank treatments in the market. The RV holding tank treatment eliminates any odor that comes from the wastewater in the RV holding tank through a water-active mineral. It is organic which means it is biodegradable and does not harm the environment. The RV tank can be used in both cold and hot weather conditions. The RV tank can turn any solid waste into liquid waste.

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5. Bio-Tab RV Holding Tank Treatment

bio tab
The treatment does not contain any toxic chemicals. It is hassle-free and easy to use as it comes with 14 tablets that you should put into the septic tank. Once you purchase the one-year package treatment, you get a calendar for tracking your usage for each month. When you use this RV holding tank treatment for one year, you get a discount for the next year. The treatment is safe to use as it does not cause corrosion to the septic system.
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If you want to treat your RV holding tank naturally, make sure that you consider the above treatments. The best treatment should remove all odors, digest all waste, be environmentally friendly, and should be highly effective.


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