6 Energy-Saving Solar Gadgets To Make RVing Even Better

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

Solar-Powered Gadgets for Camping and RV Trips:

  • Solar Lanterns: Essential for lighting up campsites, waterproof and durable.
  • Solar Chargers: Charge phones and devices, ideal for conserving RV power.
  • Solar Bluetooth Speakers: Provide music entertainment, quick to charge.
  • Solar Generators: Versatile for emergencies, offer Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Solar Fridge Kits: Keep food fresh, durable with protective covers.
  • Solar Showers: Provide warm showers, easy to hang and heat water.


A camping trip in the wild or a road trip extravaganza in an RV comes with scores of modern-day problems such as running out of juice for your phone, flashlight, or any other electronic device. Solar-powered gadgets are remarkably useful when you run out of spares for batteries etc and can perform an array of functions that will come in handy while camping in an RV in a range of conditions.

  1. A Lantern To Light The Way

Camping means dealing with the pitch dark of the wild (you may not always have stars for company) and flashlights or battery-powered floodlights can only take you so far, not to mention you will want to conserve fuel in your RV. A solar-powered lantern is a complete lifesaver as it can chargeback at your camp all day or even outside your backpack and become an invaluable source of light as soon as night hits.

Most solar-powered lanterns that are intended for camping have the additional features of being waterproof as well as very durable and resistant to knocks. It is perfect to use if you need to answer the call of nature in the middle of the night, for night fishing, or even for continual usage, especially if you are camping with children. Most of the newer models are very compact and foldable and can fit nicely into a backpack.

  1. Everyone Needs A Charger

A charger is an undeniable necessity for life today and especially for long road trips and camping. Solar paneled multi-purpose chargers are great for powering up phones, tablets, even laptops on occasion, mp3 players, mini speakers, you name it, and this charger can charge anything with its simple USB cable design. Although phones etc can charge the regular way in an RV, again you may not want to waste the power on charging all your devices especially if you are RVing on fairly isolated roads.

  1. The Music Matters

When the RV is parked at night or when you’re sharing a meal with friends or family on your road trip, you will definitely need some music to liven things up. A solar-powered Bluetooth speaker will come in handy more than you know. You can charge it before you leave or by simply leaving it on a windowsill and you will be blasting your favorite playlist all the way there and back.

Most new solar-powered portable speakers run for at least 8 hours after being charged and may only take as little as 5 to 6 hours to reach full levels. Monocrystal solar paneling in some solar-powered speakers means they can absorb greater amounts of energy from the sun so their overall charging time is much less.

  1. Solar Generators Are Multi Problem Solvers

Solar-powered generators are among the most useful and must-have items if you are going in your RV for a road or camping trip. You can’t go wrong with purchasing one because not only is it a great item for emergencies, it can be used to charge just about any item from your phone to the car battery if it dies. The best solar generator on the market is very expensive but entry-level models also offer many benefits including a built-in Wi-Fi connection.


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  1. Solar Fridge Kits

Cruising around in an RV is terrific fun but food storage especially keeping the food fresh can be a challenge if your RV doesn’t have one built-in as many do. Solar fridge kits can charge easily, have protective covers along with heavy-duty metal casing, and are perfect for keeping food and snacks cool for the duration of your trip.

  1. A Shower Option

Depending on how long you plan to be RVing (especially if you are not really going to be stopping at a hotel or motel in the middle of the journey) you will need a showering option. A warm shower can be a real treat if you’re out in the wild or are camping. Solar paneled portable showers can easily be filled and hung from any hook (such as ones on the side of an RV) or from a tree branch and the stored energy inside them heats the water up nicely.

Most solar-powered showers can hold about 5 gallons of water or less which is a good amount for bathing comfortably. Some even come with side pockets for soap and shampoo! Not only is this more hygienic than jumping in a stream but it is perfect for a winter road trip. 

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