Boondocking Or Dry Camping? What is The Difference?

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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If you own an RV and want to go camping, you are probably wondering the best way to do it. Camping is an excellent experience if its criteria are well observed. It’s a great way to plug off from everything else and directly connect with nature.

But over the years, this activity has gained many distinctions. People are now more specific on the type of camping they desire to experience. There are two terms in particular trouble most aspiring campers. These words are boondocking and dry camping.

To save you the trouble, you’ll learn about both these two terms in a concise but detailed manner.Boondocking


Boondock, originally bundok, is a word from the Tagalog language used to describe mountains. Other than that, this word also means an off-grid location from civilization. “Out in the boonies”.

Now to the RVing space, the word boondocking means camping away from any hookups whatsoever. This means picking a location far from designated camping grounds with zero amenities except for the ones available in your RV. It’s a form of dry camping but only involves picking out the location far away from amenities usually on Public lands (BLM).

Boondocking can be a great way to reconnect with nature, witness amazing views, and experience serene surroundings. Most boondockers are people who prefer privacy, self-sufficiency and appreciating natural settings.


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Dry Camping

Dry CampingOn the other hand, dry camping is just camping without plugging into everyday utilities. You can say that it’s a general expression of camping without hookups. Unlike boondocking, dry camping can take place in both developed camping grounds and off-grid areas. You can find dry camping spaces in National, State, and City campgrounds, or even private parks. 

Because RVs are fully self-sufficient, you can camp in RV parks, and campgrounds, and this is also referred to as dry camping. However, it’s only viable if you don’t connect to the available water, electricity, and sewer hookups. It is also an amazing way for you to have your space and really enjoy being away from home.

In conclusion, camping is an excellent opportunity to connect with nature and tap into your survival instincts. Therefore, choosing the best possible way to do this depends on your preferences.

Most people tend to go with dry camping because they feel it’s more reasonable and safe. However, boondocking is also of the same line, and although it seems too daring, it has its benefits. With both camping methods, you get to enjoy untold peace of mind as you unwind away from your home.

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