Must Have Apps For The RV Traveler

Last Updated on February 14, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

  • Technology Simplifies RV Travel: Modern technology, including GPS and smartphone apps, has replaced traditional tools like maps and payphones, making RV travel more convenient.
  • Essential Apps: Campendium, RVParky, and RV Life help find campgrounds and parking spots, while Boondockers Welcome, Harvest Host, and Passport America offer alternative overnight stays.
  • Attractions and Points of Interest: Camper’s Helper and Roadtrippers assist in finding attractions and planning routes.
  • Savings Apps: GasBuddy, Upside, and FlyingJ help save on fuel costs.
  • Other Helpful Apps: Sun Position, Windy, Radar, Lightning, Bubble Leveler, My Elevation, and All Trails offer additional utility for RVers, from solar panel optimization to outdoor adventure planning.

Years ago, traveling in an RV meant having more maps than you knew what to do with and quarters for the pay phone so that you could call around for information. Today, we have the technology where none of that is necessary. GPS has replaced the folder full of maps and Android and iPhone apps have replaced the need to make phone calls. If you are going to be traveling in an RV, you should make sure that you download the must-have apps for the RV traveler. Here are some of my favorite apps.

Overnight Finder Apps:


Campendium is a popular app designed to assist RVers in discovering and researching campgrounds, parks and free camping locations. It serves as a comprehensive resource for finding ideal camping spots across the United States, providing valuable information and user-generated reviews to help users make informed decisions.

The app offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to search for campgrounds based on specific criteria, such as location, amenities, and activities. It provides detailed campground profiles, including descriptions, photos, and ratings, offering a comprehensive overview of each location. The reviews and ratings are contributed by a community of campers, ensuring a wealth of firsthand experiences and insights.

Campendium goes beyond traditional campgrounds, also including information about free camping areas, boondocking spots, and overnight parking options. This makes it an excellent resource for those seeking a variety of camping experiences, from established campsites to off-grid adventures.


The RVParky app is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool designed to assist RVers in finding and navigating RV parks, campgrounds, and overnight parking locations across North America. It offers a range of features to help users plan their RV trips and make informed decisions about where to stay.

With RVParky, users can search for RV parks and campgrounds based on their location or desired destination. The app provides detailed information about each location, including amenities, services, pricing, contact details, and user ratings and reviews. This allows RVers to assess the suitability of a particular park or campground based on their preferences and needs.

In addition to traditional RV parks and campgrounds, RVParky also includes information about overnight parking options, such as rest areas, Walmart parking lots, and other free or low-cost options. This can be particularly useful for RVers looking for convenient and budget-friendly overnight stays during their travels.

RV Life

The RVlife app is a comprehensive and versatile tool designed to cater to the needs of RVers. It offers a range of features and resources to enhance the RVing experience, making it easier to find campsites, plan trips, connect with the RVing community, and access useful information on the road.

One of the key features of the RVlife app is its extensive database of RV parks, campgrounds, and overnight parking options. Users can search for locations based on their current location or desired destination, and the app provides detailed information about each site, including amenities, services, pricing, contact details, and user reviews. This allows RVers to make informed decisions when choosing a place to stay.

The app also includes a trip planner feature, enabling users to plan their RV trips by setting waypoints, adding attractions, and creating itineraries. It offers convenient tools to estimate travel distances, plan fuel stops, and track expenses, ensuring a well-organized and enjoyable journey.

RVlife fosters community engagement through its social features. Users can connect with fellow RVers, share their travel experiences, and exchange tips and recommendations. The app also provides a platform for users to ask questions, seek advice, and receive support from the RVing community.

Moreover, RVlife offers a wealth of valuable resources and information, including articles, tips, and guides on various RV-related topics. From maintenance and RV lifestyle tips to destination suggestions and camping hacks, the app provides a rich source of knowledge to assist RVers at every stage of their journey.


To find other overnight spots I also use:

Boondockers Welcome: Boondockers Welcome is a platform connecting RV travelers with hosts offering free overnight parking on their private property. This requires a membership.

Harvest Host: Harvest Host provides unique camping experiences by connecting RVers with wineries, breweries, farms, and other attractions for overnight stays. This requires a membership.

Passport America: Passport America offers RV campers discounted rates at participating campgrounds across North America. This requires a membership.



Camper’s Helper – Find Attractions and Points of Interest

Campers helperCamper’s Helper is an app for those who love camping. It offers a wide range of features and resources to enhance the camping experience and provide useful information on the go.

One of the key features of the Camper’s Helper app is its extensive campground database. Users can easily search for campgrounds and RV parks based on their location or desired destination. The app provides detailed information about each location, including amenities, services, pricing, contact details, and user ratings and reviews. This allows campers to find the perfect campground that suits their preferences and needs.

The app also includes a variety of helpful tools for campers. It provides a camping checklist feature, allowing users to create and customize their own camping checklists to ensure they have all the essential items before heading out. Additionally, the app offers weather updates, helping campers plan their outdoor activities accordingly and stay prepared for any changes in weather conditions.

Camper’s Helper also offers navigation integration, allowing users to easily get directions to their chosen campground or navigate to nearby points of interest. The app includes mapping features to help users visualize campground locations and plan their routes effectively.

Furthermore, the app provides resources and information on camping-related topics. It offers tips, guides, and articles on various aspects of camping, including campfire cooking, RV maintenance, outdoor activities, and more. Users can access this valuable knowledge base to enhance their camping skills and make the most of their outdoor adventures.


RoadTrippers – Find Attractions and Points of Interest


The Roadtrippers app is a popular and comprehensive tool designed to enhance the road trip planning and exploration experience. It offers a range of features to assist travelers in discovering exciting destinations, unique attractions, scenic routes, and much more.

With Roadtrippers, users can plan their road trips by inputting their starting point and destination. The app then provides suggested routes along with estimated travel times and distances. Users can customize their routes by adding waypoints, exploring points of interest, and selecting specific attractions to visit along the way.

One of the key features of Roadtrippers is its extensive database of attractions, including national parks, landmarks, quirky roadside stops, museums, restaurants, and other hidden gems. Each attraction is accompanied by detailed information, photos, reviews, and user ratings, allowing travelers to make informed decisions about what to see and do.

The app also includes a trip planner that enables users to create itineraries, organize their activities, and save their favorite places. Users can easily sync their plans across multiple devices and share their trips with friends or fellow travelers.

In addition to trip planning, Roadtrippers offers features like navigation integration, providing turn-by-turn directions to guide users along their chosen routes. The app also includes real-time weather updates, fuel cost estimations, and the ability to search for accommodations and campgrounds.


Savings Apps

GasBuddy-Find the Lowest Gas Prices


The GasBuddy app is a widely used and helpful tool for drivers seeking to find the best fuel prices and locations. It offers a range of features to assist users in saving money on fuel and making informed decisions about where to fill up their vehicles.

One of the primary functions of the GasBuddy app is to provide real-time information about gas prices at various stations nearby. Users can search for gas stations based on their location or desired area and view the current fuel prices for different types of gasoline or diesel. This allows drivers to compare prices and choose the most cost-effective option.

The app relies on a community-driven model, where users contribute by reporting and updating gas prices they observe. This collaborative approach ensures that the information remains accurate and up-to-date, benefiting the entire user base.

GasBuddy also offers additional features to enhance the user experience. It includes a trip cost calculator, which estimates fuel expenses based on the distance traveled and the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. This tool helps users plan their trips and budget accordingly.

Furthermore, the app provides various filters and sorting options, allowing users to customize their search based on specific preferences, such as station brands, amenities, or payment methods. Users can also read and leave reviews about gas stations, sharing their experiences and insights with others.


To save on gas I also use:

Upside app: provides gas discounts as part of its rewards program in addition to offering deals. With Upside, users can earn gas rewards and take advantage of discounted fuel prices.

FlyingJ: FlyingJ is a popular app for RVers, providing information about truck stops and travel centers, and offering gas discounts.


Other Helpful Apps:


Sun Position app: The Sun Position app is a useful tool for solar panel owners, helping them determine the sunrise and sunset positions of the sun.

Windy app: The Windy app provides real-time wind information, including direction, prediction, and strength, tailored to your specific location.

Radar app: The Radar app offers live weather radar imagery, allowing you to track and monitor weather patterns in your area.

Lightning app: The Lightning app provides real-time lightning information, helping you stay aware of lightning activity in your vicinity.

Bubble Leveler app: The Bubble Leveler app is a user-friendly tool that assists in achieving accurate leveling, making it easier to level your rig.

My Elevation: My Elevation is an app that provides your current elevation.

All Trails: All Trails is an app that showcases trails in your area, providing details, reviews, and maps to help you discover and explore new hiking and outdoor adventures.

Luckily, technology has made traveling in an RV much simpler and more convenient. If you download each of these apps before your trip, you are guaranteed to save yourself money and have a great time

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