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Last Updated on February 14, 2024

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Release Your Inner Kracken With An Electric Bike

Let’s face it: The market is flush with electric bikes right now. The challenge for the buyer—in this case, RVers—is balancing power, weight, quality, support, functionality, and good looks. Kracken Adventure Bikes believes they can and do meet those critical criteria.

From day one, American-owned Kracken Adventure Bikes has set the focus on RVers. Already successful with their King Kracken outdoor wear, the Kracken team turned their attention to their other passion, RVing. They set their focus on quality and service, specializing in compact, high-value ebikes for RVers.

Focusing on the ebike needs of RVers

As already stated, the focus of Kracken Adventure Bikes to this point has been RVers, with their two lead e-bikes being powerful fat tire folding bicycles, which are perfect for the RV crowd.

The folks at Kracken have cut their teeth exclusively at RV shows and rallies. Rather than blindly joining the deluge of subpar offerings hitting the market, they spoke to (and listened to) real RVers. After learning what these RV enthusiasts liked and disliked about various e-bike features, they have released the Kracken to the rest of the world.

Service matters

One of the major shortcomings of other e-bike brands is that warranty service can be hard to come by, often requiring the owner to ship the electric bike to the manufacturer for service. This is no small task. Not only are e-bikes typically heavy and expensive to ship, but they are also very awkward. Most buyers don’t save the original shipping box either, even if they were willing to disassemble it and try to cram it back in there.

With Kracken’s available white glove two-year warranty option, protecting your ebike has never been easier. This two-year full warranty option is available for ANY e-bike Kracken sells and replaces the original one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from day one. The benefits of the two-year warranty are:

  • Includes accidental damage coverage
  • Utilize over 500+ repair shops around the US
  • Help with scheduling service at a local repair shop
  • Not required to ship the ebike anywhere
  • Replacement parts are sent directly to you

Stylish adventure bikes

At the end of the day, it is all about the bike, in this case electric, and Kracken Adventure Bikes has some good ones. These ebikes are both stylish and perfect for RVers.

Kracken Mark V

It starts with the 1000-watt fat tire folder called the Mark V. With a powerful 1000-watt motor and up to a 60-mile range, this ebike weighs in at 68 pounds and folds nicely for easy storage.

The Mark V has a payload capacity of 325 lbs and whips along at up to 28 mph. A “cocktail of speed and rugged performance”, the Mark V also offers a dual adjustable suspension. Charging time is four to six hours, depending on how depleted the battery is.

folded Kracken ebike

The Kracken Mark V folds up nicely for RVers.

Kracken Mark III

The Kracken Mark III is very similar to the Mark V, the primary difference being a smaller, 500 watt motor, which results in a savings of 3 lbs.

Range on the Mark III is 30 miles, with a top speed of 26 mph. Payload drops to a still-generous 300 lbs, with the same charging time. Like the Mark V, this full-featured ebike is perfect for any biking excursion.

Kracken eBike

The Kracken Mark III ebike

Lightweight Folding eBike

Coming soon to the Kracken Adventure Bikes lineup is the Kracken Lightweight Folder. With a 350 watt motor, this smaller electric bike will be perfect for zipping around campgrounds and RV shows. The smaller 16-inch tires make it the smallest folder in the Kracken lineup. Speed, weight, and payload are TBD.

Also coming soon is the Kracken Ultra Light Low-Step, a non-folding easy egress electric bike. The Low-Step joins two portable scooters, a 350-watt and a 500-watt, along with a host of pertinent accessories and parts, including a reasonably priced Fat Tire eBike Carrier.

light weight Kracken ebike

This lightweight folding ebike is coming soon

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Learn more about Kracken Adventure Bikes

If you are in the market for an RV and find yourself at the ever-popular Lazydays RV in Tampa, Florida, you can pick up a Kracken ebike while you are there, as they are an official reseller of Kracken Adventure Bikes. If you are happy with your RV and just want an electric bike or scooter, then check out



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