Coachmen Orion Low Point Drain Valve Issues – Fresh Water Tank Leak

Last Updated on July 4, 2023

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Overflow dripping

I had a leaking Fresh Water tank on my Coachmen Orion. When I filled the freshwater tank, it was dripping and I lost half of my tank by the next day.

What do I do? I had to climb under the RV, took pictures and I saw that one of the drainpipe is leaking. 🙁


I took my instruction manual that Coachmen gave me (I had one for the Freelander, which is pretty much the same) but it was no help. It says to locate the “Low Point Drain” that can be outside or inside – WTH? That is not really helpful.

I had no idea where to find it. So I contacted Coachmen and they told me that for my model which is the 2018 Coachmen Orion T24CB the Low Point Drain is accessible through my back storage compartment and it is behind a little black door.


coachmen orion manual


low point drain access


Drain Valves


After knowing this all, I was able to find it, but this doesn’t mean I was able to reach it. It was really only accessible if I climb into the storage compartment. What a great placement! Luckily you won’t need this often (hopefully). I had to ask a tall friend to help me.

He took multiple pictures of the place and gave it to me to figure out what to do. I saw that one of the drain valves is not closed properly. After closing it and pushing it in completely the problem was solved.


Leaks can be also caused by bad sealing or siphoning effect which are totally different issues. It seems like, my issue was only a somewhat open drain valve. I am not sure if this was always like that or opened while I was driving one point, I will have to see if it will keep happening.


I filled up my water tank and Voila, my water tank was not dripping anymore!!!

See this picture here with all details… I didn’t even know that I can completely close my freshwater tank from all incoming water with this silver knob. 


drain valves on my coachmen orion

2 thoughts on “Coachmen Orion Low Point Drain Valve Issues – Fresh Water Tank Leak”

  1. This was the most helpful article and pics
    that I’ve found. We were experiencing a similar problem only we were just trying to
    locate our fresh water tank to drain the
    sanitizing solution and water. Our access
    and drain valves were in exact same compartment in rear on drivers side.
    Dealer couldn’t help us because we were communicating over the phone. Owners manual was no help due to equipment being installed in different locations. Thank you so much

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