An Essential Guide to Updating Your RV Lights

Last Updated on February 16, 2024

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Your recreational vehicle is your home away from home. In fact, driving your RV means you have a home anywhere you go. It has everything you need, from sleeping and dining areas to storage and even a bathroom and shower.

One thing that comes in handy during long drives or camping trips is the battery and light source combo. With your RV lights, you do not have to worry about sitting or sleeping in darkness. You just need to maintain your vehicle’s lighting.

Whether you need to replace some bulbs or you want to replace your RV lights, you should know how to properly update them. Here’s what you need to know.

Things to Consider When Updating Your RV Lights

The first thing you should do before updating your RV lights is to decide how to proceed. To do this, you should consider the following factors.

rv light replacementThe Kind of Fixture

If you got your RV as is and you did not make any modifications to it, then you probably did not have a say on what kind of lighting fixtures the vehicle has. The important thing is that it works.

However, if you find some things inconvenient, now is the time to address the issue. Say the hanging lights bother you. You should definitely replace them with more minimal options like oyster lights or anything that do not take up much ceiling space.

Bulb Type

You should also choose what type of bulb you want to use. Remember, some types offer more convenience and efficiency. For RVs, you might find that your current bulbs are 12v or 120v ones.

Each of these has unique characteristics. The 12v ones use your vehicle’s battery as a power source, while the 120v ones run on generators or shore power.

If your RV is a newer model, you might have LED lights. Many people use these because they have longer service lives and are more efficient.

Light Switches

Some RVs come with light switches while others do not have them. If you are updating your lighting system, you might want to have these installed. This lets you turn the lights on and off depending on your needs, so you can save energy for more important needs.


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How to Update Your RV Lights

Now that you know what aspects to look at before updating your RV lights, you might be ready to undergo the process.

Do Some Inspection

While you may have decided what to do and how to do it, you might want to do some checking to make sure that the fixtures and bulbs you have in mind are compatible with your system. You can also make sure that your RV’s system is in good working condition.

Purchase Fixtures and Bulbs

Once you have the specifications of your RV’s lighting system, you can now purchase the fixtures and bulbs. Keep in mind that your decision can affect how easy or hard the installation would be.

For example, RVs without light switches might need fixtures that have their own. If you choose to get ones without switches, then you might need to install wall-mounted switches.

Enlist the Help of a Professional

It is possible to install fixtures and bulbs by yourself, but keep in mind that the wrong installation can cause problems and pose dangers. You might want to call a professional to do the work such as an electrician.

The Bottom Line

Updating your RV lights is an essential task, so you can fully enjoy what your motorhome has to offer. Make sure to do it the right way and you will have your RV running perfectly in no time.

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