Best Pop Up Campers

Last Updated on February 16, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

  • Pop-Up Campers: Ideal for those seeking a balance between tent camping and RVs, pop-up campers offer affordability, convenience, and portability.
  • Choosing the Right One: Consider factors like camper type, sleeping capacity, amenities, bathroom availability, and ease of storage.
  • Types of Pop-Up Campers: A-frame trailers, high wall campers, tent trailers, and teardrop campers offer varying levels of convenience and space.
  • Top Picks:
    • SylvanSport Go: Beginner-friendly, lightweight, with expandable sleeping areas.
    • Jayco Jay Sport: Offers complete amenities, ample storage, and an optional cassette shower for up to seven people.
    • Forest River Flagstaff: Premium option with hard sides, premium interiors, and toilet/shower facilities.
    • Aliner Expedition: Stylish A-frame camper with outdoor kitchen and additional sleeping quarters.
    • Coachmen Clipper Sport: Luxurious design, spacious seating/sleeping areas, and significant water storage capacity.
    • Air Opus Camper OP4: Compact yet spacious, quick setup, with room for up to 10 people.

Camping in the great outdoors is such an exciting idea, but what if you are tired of tent camping but cannot afford, store or don’t want to purchase a full-sized RV? This is where pop-up campers come in.

Pop-up campers give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to see more of the world at your convenience. Not only are these easy to tow, store and bring around,  this means that these types of vehicles give you unparalleled traveling experiences at your fingertips.

If you’re eager to see more and have more adventures, you can rely on pop-up campers to give you the luxury of a motor home while giving you a different camping experience unlike any other. We’ve rounded up some of these best pop-up campers today. Check these out.

What are Pop-Up Campers?

Pop-up campers, otherwise known as tent trailers or fold-out campers, are types of camping trailers or recreational vehicles. Based on its name, this type of vehicle set-up collapses into a small, portable package. However, when opened, this opens up into a large living area that can accommodate living spaces and other necessities such as sinks, stoves, dining tables, and the like.

More modern iterations of this package come with bedrooms and even a bathroom. Here are some small pop-up campers with bathrooms. Packed neatly onto a collapsible package, this folds up into something transportable and something much easier to maneuver compared to full-sized trailers and recreational vehicles.

The main advantage of using a pop-up camper is that it can be stowed away after use, making it possible for different types of cars to use and for all kinds of families to enjoy. Of course, you can’t deny the affordability this provides, especially when put against trailers and RVs out there. It’s also manageable to maintain.

How to Choose the Right Pop-Up Camper for You?

With the various technologies we all enjoy today, it comes as no surprise that there are tons of different pop-up campers available on the market. Given this, it can be a bit of a challenge to choose just what type of set-up is right for your needs. Below are some of these.

Type of Pop-Up Camper

Aliner LXEThere are various types of pop-up campers. These include A-frame trailers, high wall campers, tent trailers, and teardrops campers. If you want to have a low-effort yet high efficient set-up that gives little to no fuss, A-frame campers are suitable for you, especially with their strong and sturdy structure.

On the other hand, if you want to have more space during your camping trip yet with equally strong walls, high-wall campers are the way to go. These err on the heavier side, but that makes for its sturdy exterior.

For recreating that natural feeling of sleeping under the stars and a tent, there’s nothing better than this than a tent trailer. Just like the real thing, these are lightweight and expand quite easily, particularly with the help of their canvas walls.

Alto Teardrop teadrop trailerLastly, teardrop pop-up campers are some of the most uniquely shaped and designed campers out there, with their teardrop shape giving a one-of-a-kind appearance. Despite its different look, this can accommodate more amenities than you would think, such as kitchen space.

Sleeping Capacity

Going on trips and adventures alone can be quite fun, but if that’s not what floats your boat, you should consider pop-up capers that have a sleeping capacity that’s right up your alley. There are models that can comfortably accommodate two, but there are also others that can sleep more than this, with some even having space for four or more.

Features and Amenities of the Camper

Living and seeing the world through the eyes of a pop-up camper can be beautiful, provided you have the right features and amenities. Storage, for one, remains one of the most essential aspects you should look into, especially when you’re planning on going on long drives or to numerous places for quite some time.

Besides storage, having an ample kitchen area and seating space might be of value to you, particularly when you love cooking.

In addition, you might want to consider a heater and or air conditioning system for your space. This will come in handy for days you just can beat the heat. Bear in mind, however, that these additions are only available in campsites that have electricity or vehicles that have their own generator.


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With or Without a Bathroom

One of the necessities that people miss when they’re in the great outdoors is having access to a working bathroom. After all, this comes in quite handy, especially for emergencies.

We understand that not every pop-up camper out there has this, so it’s also important to factor in whether or not the setup you’re going with can be upgraded with a bathroom.

Ease of Storage

Traveling with pop-up campers in tow can be fun, but if you’re not looking to use this throughout the year, chances are you’ll want the accessibility and convenience of being able to store your camper when you don’t need it or want to ride in it yet.

Portability is the name of the game when it comes to pop-up campers. By having a setup that’s not only easy to use and assemble but also quite lightweight, you can bring this with you just about everywhere while eliminating the problem of being able to store it afterward.

Check Out These Best Pop-Up Campers

SylvanSport Go

SylvanSport Go

Those who are looking for a convenient option should take a look at what the Sylvansport Go Pop-Up Camper has to offer. This is the lightweight choice that fits beginners the best because of its simple mechanism.

One of the most beginner-friendly things about this camper is that it only comes with three options for floorplans, so the decision-making is easier, especially for newbies. It also has a cool appearance, making it a great addition to camping gear for individuals who are just starting.

This option has a tent pod that can accommodate up to four people complete with sleeping pads and bed panels. Plus, it has a deck dedicated to gear and equipment storage. This camper is also pretty compact but has more room when expanded.

When set up, it can seat up to four people in its dining area for the basic floor plans. More premium options include tent awnings, spare tires, air mattresses, a screen room, a camp kitchen, and a solar kit.

Jayco Jay Sport

Jayco Popup

The Jayco Jay Sport is one of the best options for those who want every camping essential with them for every adventure. It comes with different floor plan options, so you can choose the most suitable style for you and your family.

While the floor plans differ, they have certain similarities such as a kitchenette with a sink and a stove, a dinette, storage cabinets, a carryout stove, and two beds that sleep up to seven people.

One of the best things about this camper is that it comes not only with complete amenities for your travels, but also has a lot of room for storage. You do not have to worry about where to put your things and other essentials with this.

Some layouts even come with a cassette shower, so you can retire to bed feeling refreshed after a long day of adventure.

Forest River Flagstaff

Forest River

A premium option for the enthusiastic camper is the Forest River Flagstaff. This option offers full work including dining, living, and sleeping areas. What’s best is it comes with a toilet and a cassette shower so you can freshen up after your camping.

One of the unique features of Forest River Flagstaff pop-ups is that they come with hard sides. This offers more protection in your mobile sanctuary compared to canvas folding campers, which offer less.

Luxury is a top priority of Forest River when making this pop-up camper. It comes with a maple interior, giving it a premium look and feel. Plus, all appliances are made of stainless steel for easy clean-up. This camper can hold up to 20 gallons of fresh water.

This option is definitely for the more experienced camper or those who are willing to take the time and money to get the best choice. You can choose from seven different options that cater to various needs and preferences.

Aliner Expedition

Aliner Expedition

Those who plan to travel with family can make the most out of the Aliner Expansion. This brand is known for its A-frame campers, giving its products a unique and noticeable look. Their campers come with all the standard features of a pop-up camper in a more stylish approach.

You can enjoy amenities such as an outdoor kitchen, folding dinette, folding beds, and even an indoor toilet area. It also has additional sleeping quarters, so your family can sleep comfortably.

This option has good size and weight, thanks to its smallish, yet perfectly sufficient form.

Aside from the standard option, you can also choose an upgraded version, which has a small refrigerator and burner stoves. It can even hold 11 gallons of fresh water for your hygiene and cooking needs.

A better choice would be the deluxe version, which has a bigger refrigerator, cabinets, microwave, and cable connections.

Coachmen Clipper Sport

Coachmen Clipper

One of the most comprehensive choices is the Coachmen Clipper Sport folding camper. It is one of the most luxurious offerings in terms of pop-up tents because of the premium materials they used, as well as the functional and streamlined design it holds.

This option offers lots of seating, sleeping, and storage spaces, making it the best option if you want a comfortable place while still in the Great Outdoors. With this option, you get 23 gallons of water stored below the floor, and 16 gallons of water stored above.

It comes with seaters at the dinette table, as well as a gaucho, which can be a sleeping area, as well. It also comes with two queen size beds. Make sure to choose the right floor plan to make the most out of your camper.

Air Opus Camper OP4

Opus pop up

Those who are looking for a compact and more mobile choice while still offering everything they need on and off the road should take a look at what the Air Opus camper OP4 has to offer. It comes with the best material for tents, combined with a technology that makes the space more breathable.

This is perfect for small families as it can carry many people while bringing lots of gear with them. It sleeps up to 10 individuals, but keep in mind that your things can take some space.

One of the best things about this camper is it is easy to set up. You just need to use the air pole mechanism, which sets up the thing in around 90 seconds.


The Bottom Line

Pop-up campers are your best bet if you want a place to stay in the outdoors that you can easily haul and store. With these options, you can make the most out of your adventure in style and comfort.

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