The Smallest Class B RVs With Shower And Toilet – 2023

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Irok BathroomWhat Do I Mean small RVs?

Let me clarify what I am gonna talk about in this article. When we say Small RV, we mean small travel trailers and Class B motorhomes. In this article, I will be talking about Class Bs but if you are interested in small trailers I have another article talking about small travel trailers with bathrooms.

Small RVs and small trailers become more popular in recent years. Not just because they are easier to navigate and find parking spots with but they cater for a younger crowd, the weekend campers, and nomads who choose to live in it for a while. Aside from the size and price, one thing that separates Class Bs from Class As and C RVs is the unique bathrooms. Due to their design and limited space, Class Bs have what is referred to as “wet-baths” and many times they come equipped with a cassette toilet system.

What is a Wet Bath?

A wet bath is simply a shower and toilet, rolled into one. Instead of having a designated shower stall, the whole compact bathroom is the shower. This means the floor has a drain in it and due to the toilet, you can take a standing shower or sit down on the closed lid. The wet bath takes time to get used to, as every time you take a shower everything inside will get wet, hence the name.

Many people are not a fan of this but there is not enough space in a Class B RV for a different setup. You probably won’t find small RVs with a normal bathroom setup where the shower is separate from the rest of the bathroom area. 

This type of bathroom is definitely not the best option for large families, due to the limited space throughout but can be a fun option for two people who want to get away for the weekend.

What is a Cassette Toilet?

My first RV had a cassette toilet, and when I bought my RV I didn’t know that. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about RV tanks, but quickly I figured out and learned their pros and cons.

Most RVs have 2 wastewater tanks, gray water, and black water tanks. The gray water tank is holding your wastewater from the shower and sinks. The black tank is holding your toilet waste. However, many of the newer Class B RVs don’t have a black tank but have a cassette toilet system which is an entirely separate system independent from your RV water system. This means you cannot empty it using the wastewater hose at the dump station but you have to lift and pull out the holding tank and pour the contents out in a public toilet or a dump station separately.

 The water you use to flush the toilet has to be also filled up separately usually in the same place where you have access to the cassette. 

The pros are that you can empty the holding tank at more places. It’s great when you don’t have access to a dump station.

The cons are that they are small, and fill up quickly. It’s heavy and each time when it’s full you have to lift it and roll the whole cassette to the dump hole. Then you have to open its lid and pour the waste into the hole on the ground. When you pour into some public toilet you have to lift the container up and hold it to pour the contents out. You have to flush the toilet multiple times, so it won’t clog it. You are a bit too close to the smells and views of your waste which is not so pleasant. Then you will have to manually fill up and rinse the tank a few times. In my opinion, a cassette toilet is way more work.

I personally prefer black tanks. With a larger rig, you can go for weeks between emptying the tank and you don’t have to be that close to the views and smells. To be honest, I hardly have a problem finding a dump station and I would feel uncomfortable rolling the cassette into a public bathroom anyways. 

Here are 7 cool small RVs with showers and toilets:



Off Grid Adventures Vans or Ogavans for short, are conversion vans, built for comfort. These vans are available in 4 packages: “The Rambler”, “The Summit”, “The Vagabond” and “The Sandstone”. Converting prices start around $42,500 plus the price of the van and if you choose, there are custom options available. This allows you to tailor the van to fit your own personalized wants/needs. Like traditional Class Bs, the ogavans have the option of a wet-bath. You don’t have to have the on board bathroom feature but if you do opt for it, you will lose some overhead cabinets and some counter space in your kitchen area. With that being said, the bathroom is a very small space with a shower and toilet but it doesn’t have a sink. This means hands will have to be washed in the kitchen area. You can convert RAM, Ford, or Mercedes vans.

  • Conversion Price: $42,500 without the van
  • Fresh water: 26 gallon
  • Waste water: 3 gallon 
  • Website:


Drifter NomadikDrifter Vans – Nomadik

Drifter Vans is a Detroit-based company making beautiful hand-made class B motorhome conversions. All of their van conversions are customized to your own specifications. They have 3 pre-made layouts and their Nomadik line has a wet bath included in their design. You can put together your new home on wheels over the phone, choose your type of van, Mercedes, Ram, or Ford and they will take care of the rest. Their Nomadik package has  300W solar on top and a 3000W inverter built-in which makes it boondock ready. There is a cassette toilet in the small bathroom, with its own waste tank but it also has a 14-gallon gray tank for showers. 

  • Conversion Price: $82,500 without the van
  • Fresh water: 20 gallon
  • Waste water: cassette toilet and 14-gallon gray tank
  • Website:



Fleetwood IrokFleetwood Irok

Irok BathroomThis Class B RV gives you a modernized approach for this class of motorhome. Priced under a bit over $102,000 with entertainment features and plenty of upgrade options, the Fleetwood Irok screams luxury with all of its bells and whistles. Its wet bath also has the same modernized look as the rest of the interior. It is designed well, has recessed lighting in the ceiling, a modern sink and faucet, and a built-in toilet paper holder with a cover. Another great feature is the bathroom is accessed through doors instead of just a retractable curtain. 


No products found.


Winnebago Travato Winnebago Travato

The Winnebago Travato is designed to fit your preferences, as well as needs. With a larger price tag of under $140,000, this RV is stylish, modern, and houses a really nice wet-bath. The bathroom has storage under the sink, a bamboo shower platform, above the toilet storage, and the means to close off the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. This wet-bath definitely stands out when it comes to the design and the amount of space offered.


Coachmen BeyondCoachmen Beyond

Coachmen Beyond Wet Bath

The Coachmen Beyond comes in at around $162,000 and has an awning, back up camera, and a side screen door. The wet-bath is pretty standard. It has the sink, toilet, and shower feature but it is a very compact room. With that being said, it does give you the ability to have a place to run to when nature calls and will provide enough space to wash up as well.



PatriotAmerican Coach Patriot

showerAmerican Coach Patriot is one of the fancy small RVs that has a shower and toilet. The company only use top-of-the-line components and the latest technology and creates mainly luxury RVs which you can see in its price. The Patriot has two layouts, the freshwater tanks are 28 or 32 gallons. It features a wet bath., built on the Mercedes chassis and has an ECO Charging system.


Carado Banff

banff toiletThis RV is designed really well for the space, with a fully equipped kitchen and space to lounge and sleep. The bathroom is located at the rear of the RV and it provides an ergonomic toilet and a sink that can fold away, when not in use. It doesn’t have a door but rather a curtain and a bonus element…a closet! It may be compact but it does have a practical design, closet storage space, and overall, offers the main purposes of having a bathroom on board. Because of the small space, adding a shower and toilet to a small RV can be difficult but what I really dislike about the design, in this case, is that when you open the back doors your toilet is on display! I believe the company doesn’t exist anymore, there are models up to 2019. RV trader has some used ones available.

  • Price: 80k
  • Fresh water: 17.6 gallon
  • Waste water: 23 gallon 
  • Website: they don’t make them anymore



+6 More 2023 Class B RVs With Bathroom


The Thor Sanctuary is built on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 4×4 chassis, which means you can depend on your Class B to get you to your new backyard safely, regardless of the weather conditions. Your back alloy wheels and optional off-road tires are perfect for taking that road less traveled. The keyless entry feature is not only convenient but also keeps you and your fellow travel companions safe.
winnebago travato

From slope to shore, adapt to any adventure and any budget with the flexible, Winnebago Solis. This camper van is designed so you and your family can take any adventure on, while featuring a classic rooftop extension so you can take everything in.

This all NEW Coachmen Nova is the latest member of the Coachmen Class B Family, representing Quality, Value & Innovation. Built on the Ram Pro Master 3500 extended chassis, the Nova truly stands out in a class of its own. Loaded with practical innovations and contemporary features and amenities. Designed with reliable construction and technology. Backed with exceptional Customer service and support. The Coachmen Nova delivers lasting memories, adventure after adventure, on the open road. 

The demand for a compact RV capable of supporting extensive overlanding and off-the-grid living has never been greater. We designed the REKON 4×4 with the sole purpose of supporting this demand and tackling the unique needs of those looking for the utmost freedom when choosing their next overland adventure.

The RAM Promaster 3500 XT window van chassis is brought to life by a V-6 engine. Tellaro’s fuel-efficient platform allows full-time nomads and weekend warriors to save money on trips and spend more time at the destination. Turn on cruise control, and let this conversion van go to work; all you need to do is focus on making memories.

The 2022 Ethos is our luxurious take on the popular van-style RV; we even figured out a way to make them more comfortable to drive, by engineering and installing our exclusive E-Z Drive™ system. All kinds of helpful technology, and convenient power, water, and climate systems make for a comfortable home base, whether you’re more of an on-the-move adventurer or one who likes to soak in a beautiful spot for a few days.


In the end, a Class B RV is designed to give you the ability to drive around like a van and to relax in like a house. It puts all the essentials into a small space but makes everything functional. With all the options of these RVs available, it shouldn’t be a problem finding the best small RV with a shower and toilet. 

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