5 Most Popular Class C RVs for 2024

Last Updated on February 12, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

  • Top 5 Class C RVs for 2024: Winnebago View Class C Motorhome: Known for spacious floor plans, ample storage, and luxurious features. Coachmen Freelander Class C Motorhome: Offers beautiful interiors, multiple floor plans, and all the amenities of a luxury RV. Jayco Greyhawk Prestige Class C Motorhome: Provides luxurious features, spacious interiors, advanced safety features, and contemporary design updates. Thor Motor Coach Quantum Class C Motorhome: Crafted with style and functionality, offering a cozy living space and versatile design. Coachmen Prism Class C Motorhome: Known for its reliability, style, and value, with luxurious amenities and comfortable interiors.
  • Convenience and Comfort: Class C RVs strike a balance between convenience and comfort, offering adequate space without being overly large or difficult to maneuver.
  • Variety of Models: Class C RVs come in various sizes and layouts, allowing buyers to choose based on their needs and preferences. From van-sized models to larger options with extended cab areas, there’s a Class C RV for every type of traveler.
  • Features and Amenities: These RVs typically feature a vehicle compartment and living area combined, with amenities such as kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms, and sleeping areas. The level of luxury and convenience varies depending on the model and manufacturer.
  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Class C RV: Price: Balance desires with budget considerations. Space: Evaluate storage needs and consider the size of the RV. Features: Ensure that the features align with your specific needs and travel style.

Depending on your needs, traveling in a van-sized RV is convenient but it can be a little cramped. The Class C RVs are the perfect size for comfort without being overly large and difficult to maneuver from place to place. While overall size is similar, there are differences in floor plans and features.

Class A RVs are usually are longer and larger. They are built on a bus frame so they can accommodate lots of storage space, sleeping arrangements, cooking areas, and amenities from washing machines to dishwashers.

Class B RVs, on the other hand, are built on a van or box truck chassis. In addition to the passenger compartment, these models usually have a small storage compartment in front for extra equipment and supplies, plus an extended cab area that allows more room for activities.

For those who are looking for that perfect combination of convenience and comfort, Class C RVs are the right choice. These models offer a vehicle compartment and a living area in one unit built on a small truck chassis with a bed above the cab area. They also feature a kitchen, dining area, usually a full bathroom, and sleeping areas.

Class C model RVs come in different sizes, and layouts so it’s important to do some research before buying one. By identifying the features you need, you will be able to choose a model that meets your needs and preferences.

The motorhome is designed to provide comfort during long-distance trips, but it can still handle tight spots in crowded cities. It has an exterior kitchen, bathroom with shower, dining table, sofa reclining chairs/beds, and multiple sleeping areas.

If you are looking for a Class C RV to take you on your next adventure, there are 5 that are worth looking at. An RV is an investment, so make sure you look at price, size, features, and most importantly, your budget. Once you know what you are looking for, these are the top 5 Class C RVs for 2024.

1. Winnebago View Class C Motorhome

Winnebago is a top name in RVs for a reason. Currently, this one starts at $201,056

Step into a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, making your journey as comfortable as possible. With air conditioning and heating units, your road trip becomes a year-round adventure, adapting to your preferences no matter the weather. And for those seeking a touch of luxury, our available theater seating (24D, 24J) and optional entertainment package add a dash of entertainment to your travels.

But that’s not all – if you’re aiming for a little extra, consider the diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. This upgrade brings a host of advanced features to your fingertips, including active brake and lane-keeping assist, navigation, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. Traveling has never been so technologically sophisticated.

Let’s take a closer look at the three models:

24D: Experience the plush U-shaped dinette with footrests, sofa seating that effortlessly converts into a comfortable Murphy+ bed with European suspension and a spacious rear bath. Comfort and functionality seamlessly blend in this model, making it a perfect choice for those who value both style and practicality.

24J: Indulge in the plush U-shaped dinette with footrests, a fully equipped galley, and a rear corner bed and bath. This model combines elegance with functionality, ensuring that every inch of space is optimized for your comfort and enjoyment.

24V: Relax in the luxurious TrueComfort+ sofa, enjoy the roomy mid-coach bath, and appreciate the flexibility of rear twin beds that easily convert into one large sleeping space. The 24V model offers a perfect balance of sophistication and comfort, creating an inviting space for relaxation after a day of adventures.


  • Spacious Floorplans: these RVs boast generously designed floorplans, providing ample room for you to move freely and make the space truly your own. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a partner, or as a family, you’ll find the spacious interiors accommodating and comfortable.
  • Lots of Storage Space: Say goodbye to the hassle of cramped storage. The View prioritizes your convenience with plenty of storage space. From cross-coach storage to above-bed storage, you can bring along all the essentials and creature comforts without sacrificing space.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen and Bathroom: Enjoy the comforts of home on the road. These RVs are fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring that you have everything you need for a comfortable journey. From preparing meals to freshening up, convenience is at your fingertips.
  • Great for Long Road Trips: Designed with the road warrior in mind, they are ideal for those who love embarking on long road trips. The thoughtful layout and amenities make extended travel a pleasure, allowing you to focus on the journey itself.
  • Well-Designed Floor Plan (3 Different Layouts Available): Personalization is key. Whether you prioritize a cozy corner bed or a spacious living area, these well-designed floor plans cater to different preferences and travel styles.


  • Higher-Than-Average Price Tag: While the View comes with a range of premium features and amenities, it’s essential to note that they may come with a higher-than-average price tag. The investment reflects the quality, design, and comfort that our vehicles provide.

2. Coachmen Freelander Class C Motorhome

Coachmen Freelander

The Freelander Class C from Coachmen gives you all you need and more. They are about $145.000 when you buy them new.

There is plenty of “good stuff for the experienced RVers but it is also great for beginners. You get to choose your favorite floorplan amongst many and the chassis, making this RV as custom as they come.

Each floor plan offers premium vinyl flooring, hardwood doors, cabinets, drawers, and LED ceiling lights throughout the entire coach. You get a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen as well as a fun living room area with a TV.

There is plenty of storage space for all your belongings and outdoor supplies. The large cab-over bunk is spacious and comfortable for 2, and there are additional folding queen beds, so the coach comfortably holds up to 6 people. With your choice of chassis, Ford, or Chevy, you are in control of the power and capabilities your RV will have.


  • Beautiful Interiors, Sleek Exteriors: Coachmen Freelander Class C RVs are renowned for their visually appealing designs. The interiors boast a combination of elegance and functionality, creating a welcoming space for travelers. Meanwhile, the sleek exteriors not only enhance the overall aesthetics but also contribute to improved aerodynamics on the road.
  • Multiple Floor Plans to Choose From: The flexibility in floor plans is a standout feature of the Coachmen Freelander series. With multiple layouts available, travelers can find the one that best suits their preferences and travel needs. Whether you prioritize a spacious lounge or a cozy bedroom, the diverse floor plans cater to a range of preferences.
  • All the Amenities a Luxury RV Should Have: Coachmen Freelander Class C RVs come well-equipped with a comprehensive set of amenities, rivaling those found in luxury RVs. From fully equipped kitchens to well-appointed bathrooms, these RVs provide a comfortable and convenient living experience on the road.


  • Pricey for a Class C: One consideration for potential buyers is that Coachmen Freelander Class C RVs tend to come with a higher price tag for their class. While the premium features and luxurious design justify the cost, buyers need to weigh the investment against their budget and travel requirements.
  • A Little Heavy on Fuel: As with many Class C RVs, the Coachmen Freelander can be a bit heavy on fuel consumption. Travelers should factor in fuel costs when planning their journeys and consider this aspect in the overall cost of ownership.

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3. Jayco Greyhawk Prestige Class C Motorhome

Jayco RV

The Jayco Greyhawk has everything you need, so all you have to worry about is where to go exploring. Even though you have all the basics for your comfort, this RV is far from basic and you can be assured of an upgraded travel experience. The price starts at $168,668 new.

As the epitome of luxury within Jayco’s Class C gas lineup, the Greyhawk surpasses its counterparts, offering the utmost in space and safety features. The JRide® Plus ride and handling package take the driving experience to a new level, incorporating elements such as a computer-balanced driveshaft, Koni® FSD Shocks, a heavy-duty rear stabilizer bar, a standard front stabilizer bar, Hellwig® helper springs, and rubber isolation mounts. These components harmonize to deliver a seamlessly smooth and secure ride. Stepping into 2024, the Greyhawk unveils new exterior graphics, stainless steel appliances, fresh flooring, updated wallboard, and additional enhancements, ensuring a contemporary and luxurious experience for travelers.


  • Luxurious Features: The Jayco Greyhawk RV is known for its luxurious amenities, providing travelers with a comfortable and stylish living space. From high-quality furnishings to premium materials, the Greyhawk offers a touch of luxury on the road.
  • Spacious Interiors: Generously designed interiors ensure that there is ample room for both relaxation and functionality. The layout of the Greyhawk is well-thought-out, providing travelers with a sense of space and comfort.
  • Safety Features: The Greyhawk is equipped with advanced safety features, including the JRide® Plus ride and handling package. Components such as a computer-balanced driveshaft, Koni® FSD Shocks, and a heavy-duty rear stabilizer bar contribute to a smooth and secure driving experience.
  • Upgraded Ride and Handling: With the JRide® Plus package, the Greyhawk offers upgraded ride and handling characteristics. This includes features like a standard front stabilizer bar, Hellwig® helper springs, and rubber isolation mounts, ensuring a pleasant driving experience.
  • Contemporary Design Updates: Keeping up with modern aesthetics, the Greyhawk often introduces design updates. This can include new exterior graphics, stainless steel appliances, fresh flooring, and updated wallboard, enhancing the overall visual appeal.


  • Higher Price Tag: The luxurious features and premium quality of the Jayco Greyhawk come with a higher price tag compared to some other Class C RVs. Prospective buyers need to consider their budget and weigh the investment against the desired features.
  • Fuel Consumption: Class C RVs, including the Greyhawk, may be a bit heavy on fuel consumption. Travelers should factor in fuel costs when planning long trips and consider this aspect in the overall cost of ownership.
  • Limited Shower Space: While the Greyhawk’s bathroom is fully equipped, some users might find the shower space to be limited. This can be a consideration for those who prefer more spacious shower areas in their RV.

4. Thor Motor Coach Quantum Class C Motorhome

Quantum 2022

Crafted with both style and functionality in mind, Quantum is tailored for your cherished moments with loved ones. This Class C RV presents a versatile and cozy living space, ideal for spontaneous weekend getaways or extended vacations. The allure of the adventures that await you and your family in this motorhome is simply irresistible.

Whether you are a full-time RVer or a weekend warrior, the Thor Quantum has got you covered. The modern and comfortable interior design keeps you cozy while on the road and offers everything you need for a home away from home. You also get plenty of storage space to bring some home with you. Starting MSRP: $128,350.

The Quantum is constructed from welded tubular aluminum with sidewall cage construction and a vacuum-bonded laminated roof. This means you can take this RV anywhere. Inside you get durable vinyl flooring, decorative glass, and wooden cabinets, all under a spacious 7-foot ceiling. There are even more reasons to love the Quantum including the fully-equipped bathroom and kitchen, comfortable dinette, and depending on the floor plan, you get queen or king-sized beds, and 3 TVs.

5. Coachmen Prism Class C Motorhome


Explore the countryside or take the soccer team around town with Prism – a reliable and stylish Class C Motorhome. Built by a top-notch manufacturer, it offers a great mix of experience, dependability, and value. Powered by a Mercedes diesel chassis, Prism is both cost-effective and prestigious. Easy to drive and versatile, it’s perfect for short or long trips, with comfy interiors featuring solid surface countertops, soft-touch ceilings, and practical storage. The exterior shines with ample storage, LED lights, tinted windows, and a cool fiberglass cap. Just a heads up: some features might change based on material availability in the current situation.

Coachmen offer a great Class C motorhome with the Prism. With 6 different layouts and more prestigious packages, this may be the choice for you. The Prism is the more luxurious model offered by Coachmen for the Class C RVs and gives you all the amenities and style you could ever need.

The hardwood doors, drawers, and Italian wood grain counters will make you feel right at home. The RV has easy accessibility with a power double entrance step and LED lighting so you can see inside and outside without worry. Your fully-equipped bathroom and kitchens have all you need and can rival even the finest rooms at home.

Up to 6 people can sleep comfortably choosing from the over-cab bunk. Or one of the two additional beds available. Several safety features are available in all floorplans for children, and when you need entertainment, there is an entertainment “slide-in” with TV, Stereo, and soundbar.


Other Factors to Help You Decide Which Class C RV is For You

Price: Balancing Desires and Budget

Price is a key factor in any purchasing decision, and RVs are no exception. Consider not only how much you’d like to spend but also what you can realistically afford. If you’re a first-timer, the idea of a brand-new Class C RV might be enticing, but it’s worth considering a used one for several reasons.

Choosing a second-hand Class C RV allows you to save money while gaining valuable experience. Opt for a model that’s approximately two to three years old – it’s a sweet spot where you can potentially find well-maintained RVs that might even come with a warranty, providing peace of mind for your initial RV journey.

Space: Size Does Matter

While Class C RVs are generally considered smaller, space is a crucial consideration. Evaluate your storage needs carefully before purchasing to ensure you don’t end up with something too compact for your liking.

If you foresee using your Class C RV frequently and for extended periods, consider opting for a more spacious model. During your visits to dealerships or showrooms, take the opportunity to measure and inquire about the available space. Knowing how you’ll utilize the RV will guide you in making the right size decision.

Features: Tailoring Your RV Experience

The features offered by each Class C RV model can significantly impact your overall satisfaction. Before finalizing your decision, thoroughly inquire about the features included in your preferred model.

Consider essential features such as onboard generators, solar power options, power inverters, and more. While having a well-equipped RV is fantastic, ensure that the features align with your specific needs. There’s no point in paying extra for something you won’t utilize. Make an informed decision based on your travel style and preferences.


Owning a Class C RV, especially if this is your first time, can be an overwhelming decision to make. There are different factors to take into account, features to check into, and other considerations. It may take a couple of visits to make the final decision, but I assure you that taking this approach will ensure you get your money’s worth.

Yes, it may need some of your time, you may have to try out a few different models, and even be in multiple showrooms. But in the end, it will all be worth it when you get to enjoy your new Class C RV.

While it is true that Class C RVs are small, there have been several advancements in technology that make them just as luxurious as their larger counterparts. Take into consideration the above factors and you’ll be driving around in your new Class C RV in no time.

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  1. This post helps me A LOT. My wife and I just started looking for an RV and have settled on a class C. We’re looking for something in the 25’ range that can accommodate a family of 6. We intend to use it for traveling to destinations and family vacations.

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