The 11 Best Small RVs for Living and Traveling

Last Updated on February 16, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

  • Advantages of Small RVs:
    • Lightweight and better gas mileage compared to larger RVs.
    • Easy access to most campgrounds, including remote areas.
    • Lower insurance premiums and overall ownership costs.
    • Easier navigation, whether in the city or on narrow roads.
  • Disadvantages of Small RVs:
    • Limited freshwater, gray water, and blackwater tank capacity.
    • Limited interior space may require frequent shuffling of belongings.
    • Small restroom and bathroom, often a wet bath.
    • Limited cargo weight capacity compared to larger RVs.
  • The Best 11 Small RV Models:
    • Coachmen Nova: Class B motorhome with multiple floorplans and premium facilities.
    • Coachmen Cross Trail: Class B+ motorhome with eco-friendly features and various floorplans.
    • Winnebago Solis Pocket: Affordable camper van with versatile features and a Murphy bed.
    • Winnebago Ekko Transit: Unique camper van combining Class C RV features with off-grid capabilities.
    • Leisure Travel Wonder: Class B RV with advanced safety features and multiple floorplans.
    • Airstream Interstate: Luxurious camper van with sophisticated interiors and Mercedes-Benz collaboration.
    • Winnebago Revel: Class B RV using Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with advanced features like LiFePO battery and Hydronic Heating System.
    • Thor Tellaro: Class B motorhome with four floorplans, off-grid features, and modern amenities.
    • Entegra Ethos: Class B motorhome with safety features like Hellwig helper springs and Aqua View Shower.
    • Drifter Vans Nomadik: Nature-inspired camper van with wooden furnishings and green décor.
    • Fleetwood Irok: Class B camper with off-grid capabilities, luxurious amenities, and entertainment features.
  • Considerations When Choosing a Small RV:
    • Determine your specific needs and priorities for amenities, space, and budget.
    • Research different models and floorplans to find the best fit for your lifestyle.
    • Test drive and inspect RVs thoroughly before making a purchase decision.
    • Consider additional factors like maintenance costs, fuel efficiency, and off-grid capabilities.

Being able to travel while living comfortably is the part I love most about RVing. Maybe you are one of those who want to achieve the same but you still live in a house or apartment where storing an RV can be difficult.

But the good news is that there are smaller RVs that are not just more affordable, but you might be able to use a normal parking space for storage. Small RVs offer a lot of similar conveniences offered by a big ones but in more compact packaging. Need more convincing? Here’s what you need to know about small RVs and what models you should consider.

What Is a Small RV?

As mentioned, regular medium-sized RVs are typically about 25 feet long. If you are looking for a smaller one, a van-sized RV may be what you need as its lengths are usually less than 25 feet. You can get motorhomes that you can drive or you can choose smaller trailers that are just the right size.

These options are easier to manage on and off the road. They weigh less than regular RVs, so they are more driveable. They also take up less space, so you can keep them in your garage or fit them in a moderate parking spot.

Small RVs have become a more preferred option today. In fact, more and more drivers are picking small motorhomes over the past years. There is an increase in sales for Class B and Class C RVs, showing how people are taking a friendlier stance on tiny mobile living.

Now, if you are hesitant about getting a small RV because you are worried about limitations, then you will be pleased to know that these options have amenities similar to any regular RV.

In fact, many small motorhomes have every essential facility needed to help you survive the drive. With the right small RV, you will have sleeping quarters, a kitchen, a dining area, and in many cases a shower and toilet.

What’s the Smallest RV You Can Buy?

The thing about buying small RVs is that you can shop around for the best options. There are lots of tiny motorhomes and trailers out there and the key is finding the right one.

If you are looking for the smallest option, I would mention the teardrop campers which are your best bet if you are looking for shorter RVs.

The best part is that some of these tiny RVs have all the basic necessities and more to make your camping trip a wonderful experience.

What you need to remember is that just because you are choosing a small RV does not mean that you will be paying a small price. In fact, some options out there are priced more than regular houses. Why? Because they give you everything you need to be comfortable during your adventure in a compact and portable, yet functional package!

Top 10 Small RVs in 2024

Now that you know the standards for a small RV, you might be wondering what your options are. The thing is, starting from scratch can be intimidating as there are just so many options out there. What you need is a guide that can jumpstart your search. Check out these 10 best small RVs in 2024.


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Coachmen Nova

coachmen novaCoachmen are one of the most popular names in the motorhome industry. It has been releasing lots of RV options ranging from Class A to Class C. You might want to check out Coachmen Nova, a Class B motorhome. This is the newest entry in the company’s line of Class B Family RVs.

Looking at the outside, you will observe that the vehicle looks familiar. This is because it builds upon the Ram Pro Master 3500 chassis. It comes in two different floorplans designed to help owners maximize their vehicles depending on their needs.

Those who want ample seating should go for the 20C, while those looking for more sleeping areas should go for the 20RB. While these two have essential differences, they both have premium facilities including a wet bath and a restroom.


Coachmen Cross Trail

coachmen cross tailAnother entry from Coachmen is the Cross Trail. This Class B+ motorhome is built to be more environment-friendly as it is Certified Green by TRA Certification.

What makes this option a more attractive one is the number of floorplans to choose from. If you are interested in this model and you want more control over what facilities you get, then this is a good choice.

You can pick the 20XG, which features a dinette, mini kitchen, and a bath and toiler room, complete with a double bed and a shelf. Meanwhile, the 21XG offers similar amenities, but instead of a dinette and a double bed, it has a lounge area and a Murphy double bed.

You can also choose among other more sizeable options such as the XL models 20CB, 22XG, 23XG, and 26XG, all of which offer similar amenities with slight differences.


Winnebago Solis Pocket

Winnebago Solis PocketWinnebago is another recognizable name in the outdoor equipment industry. One of its new offerings is the Solis Pocket, a versatile, affordable, and well-equipped camper van. It only comes with a one-floor plan, but those who can make it work will love what it has to offer.

This motorhome comes with a Murphy bed and a stowable bed that can turn into a countertop. It also has a dinette area with a table, as well as a sink, a two-burner stove, and a folding table.

One thing about this motorhome is that it only comes with a portable toilet and a dedicated space for storage, so you will need to store your black tank until you have the chance to dispose of it.


Winnebago Ekko Transit

winnebago ekkoAnother new offering from Winnebago is the Ekko, which is a combination of camper vans, Class C RVs, and all-wheel drive vehicles to create a unique type of motorhome. Like the Solis Pocket, it only comes with one-floor plan, which can cater to your most essential needs.

The main point of this camper is not only its amenities but also its storage space. Through its gear garage, it can carry bicycles and inflatable kayaks. If not used for storage, this garage can also turn into a sleeping, living, or cooking area.

One of the best things about this camper is that it is always ready for off-grid adventures. You can carry 50 gallons of fresh water. Plus, it is equipped with solar panels that charge its lithium-ion batteries, so you can stay energy-independent.

Leisure Travel Wonder

Leisure Van WonderThe Leisure Travel Wonder is one of the best small RVs out there because it is equipped with advanced technology that makes driving it safer and more convenient. It comes with forward collision warning, pre-collision assist and automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.

This vehicle gives users three choices, all of which are useful and sensible. The Rear Lounge floorplan comes with a seating and sleeping area, as well as a small kitchen, toilet, and storage space. Meanwhile, the Rear Twin Bed floorplan comes with twin beds at the back end.

The Front Twin Bed is most suitable for adventurers who like to stay comfortable in the outdoors. It comes with two twin beds, seating, a small kitchen, storage, and a fold-away table. The restroom is located at the back and has a shower for full functionality.


Entegra Ethos

Entegra EthosThe Entegra Ethos is another practical choice for campers because of its amenities and safety features. Built on the RAM Pro Master 3500 chassis, this motorhome comes with Hellwig helper springs and a heavy-duty rear stabilizer bar.

More than that, you can enjoy safety features such as seatbelts for select cab locations, airbags, a smoke alarm, and a carbon monoxide detector.

You can choose between two different models. You can get the 20A with an extended bed and sofa, seaters, a mini kitchen, a toilet, and a wet bath. The 20T comes with two twin beds, a toilet, and a wet bath, as well as a kitchen.

The best part about this is it is equipped with an Aqua View Shower, which helps save water, so you can enjoy fresh water for a longer time.


Drifter Vans Nomadik

Drifter Vans NomadikThe Drifter Vans Nomadik is one of the best options for nature lovers because of its interiors. First off, the amenities are top-notch and complete. It comes with a big bed, benches, pantry fridge, stove, sink, and a shower. It also has a pull-out table for dining or working.

What truly makes it a home for adventurers is its interior appearance. Its furnishings are made of wood, giving it a more natural vibe. It also comes with green décor to truly make it a cozy, yet nature-like environment.

It may not come with a toilet, but it can carry 20 gallons of fresh water and 14 gallons of grey water. It also has a heater for more relaxing showers.


Fleetwood Irok

fleetwood irokThe Fleetwood Irok is a great choice for individuals looking for a Class B camper that allows them to go off-grid for a while. It comes with a 28-gallon freshwater tank, 25 LPG generator, a rooftop solar panel, and an ECO charging system.

Aside from these off-grid features, this camper also has all the basic facilities like a kitchen, dinette, cooktop, and microwave. The lounge area can be a sleeping quarter if needed. What’s best is it comes with a toilet and a shower.

What sets it apart is its luxurious equipment. You can watch your favorite shows and movies through the Samsung TV, HD antenna, and a Wi-Fi preparation for you to have an Internet connection.


Airstream Interstate

Airstream InterstateThe Airstream Interstate is a luxurious choice for individuals who want ultimate comfort while camping. This offers some of the most sophisticated interiors and decors. Its back, wooden, and chrome colors just scream deluxe. This vehicle also has a dashing exterior appearance.

This comes as no surprise as the RV is the result of Airstream’s collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. You can easily observe this in the material used for seating and sleeping.

Aside from these, the camper comes with other features such as air conditioning and heating, air ride suspension, and a powered rear sofa that turns into a bed.


Winnebago Revel

Winnebago RevelAnother entry from Winnebago is the Revel. This Class B RV is using the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. Adventurers never have to get too far away from luxury with this RV option.

Aside from its luxurious appeal, it comes with a LiFePO battery that powers up the van. You do not have to worry if it has enough juice as you can easily monitor it via Bluetooth. Moreover, the RV comes with a Hydronic Heating System for ultimate comfort.

This van comes with only one floorplan, but with guaranteed satisfaction. It comes with enough seating and sleeping space. You can also enjoy the pantry and its mini kitchen, as well as its gear closet and wet bath.


Thor Tellaro

Thor Tellaro One bonus entry is Thor Tellaro, a Class B motorhome that comes in four floorplans. All of these come with ample seating, sleeping, and dining area. They also come with wet baths, so you do not have to worry about waste and hygiene.

What sets them apart are the style and positioning of beds, as well as the layout. Nevertheless, they are great for camping outdoors, as it has everything you will ever need.

You can even bring your pet with you as it comes with a hideaway food and water dish for your beloved animal companion. Other features include a solar charging system, a modern interface, reliable batteries, superb accessories, and the Rapid Camp+ multiplex system for maximum control.


What Is the Smallest RV That Has a Bathroom?

Now, when people look for small RVs, what some neglect to remember is that not all of their options would have a bathroom complete with a shower. Here is my article about the smallest Class B RVs with shower and toilet.

This can be pretty annoying and unsatisfying because most people like to have the convenience of their own toilet and shower even if that is a wet bath. Of course, you can improvise by using a portable shower system, and a shower tent.


If you want to avoid this, you will be glad to know that many campgrounds have facilities that campers can use. While this is a good thing for the unprepared, it can be a bit disappointed as they are bound to be substandard. Many campgrounds use quarters per minute of shower time.

Your best bet is to get an RV that caters to every single one of your needs. On the lookout for the tiniest options with a built-in restroom, shower, and heater?

Is a Small RV Worth It?

Given your options, you might be wondering if purchasing a small RV is worth your time and money. The short answer is yes, but only if you choose one that truly fits your needs.

Keep in mind that only you can make sure that your new tiny mobile home will be worth every penny. Remember, these vehicles or trailers can be quite pricey and you want to make sure that you get the best value for your money not only by choosing the best RV for you, but also by maximizing its usage.

If are still hesitating about this decision, you might want to see a list of advantages and disadvantages of getting a smaller RV. Check it out below.

Advantages of Tiny RVs

Smaller RVs definitely offer a lot of pros, which is why retailers are seeing a huge jump in sales involving tiny motorhomes and trailers.

  • Lightweight
  • Better gas mileage
  • It can access most campgrounds
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Easier navigation whether in the city or remote areas
  • Overall lower maintenance and ownership costs

Disadvantages of Tiny RVs

While owners find a lot of good things about tiny living, it is important to remember that there are compromises that come with the decision to buy and use them.

  • Limited fresh water, gray, and black tanks
  • Shuffling things around for space all the time
  • Small restroom and bathroom, mostly a wet bath
  • Limited cargo weight capacity
  • Minimal interior space

The Bottom Line

Small recreational vehicles can be perfect for individuals who are looking for a lightweight, compact, yet fully functional camping home.

If you are one of these people, then you should definitely get one for your outdoor adventures. Just make sure you pick the right onee and you are good to go.

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