Travel Trailers

So, you are looking for a small travel trailer that has everything you need. The truth is, there are several smaller campers that have the space you need for comfort and storage. You just need to know which ones to look at. I have the guide that will make your shopping easier and answers to all the questions you have.

How Much Do Small Travel Trailers Cost?

Before I get into features, let’s discuss cost, as this is typically the number one factor travelers consider when looking for a camper or trailer. A small camper will range in price from $5,000-$37,000. The price will depend on the size as well as the brand. Airstream is the most popular and trusted brand and offers the most expensive trailer at around $37,000. If you want a brand name at a lower price, you can always check around for a used small camper too.

What Vehicles Can Tow A Small Camper?

This will depend entirely on the size of your camper and how much weight your vehicle can tow. Trailers that are under 3,000 pounds can usually be towed by mid-sized cars, minivans, or small SUVs. Larger campers that weigh more than that will require a pickup truck for towing.

Can A Car Tow A Camper?

Absolutely, small campers or trailers can be towed using a car, so long as the weight of the trailer weighs between 1200 and 3000 pounds. You also need to make sure the car has the appropriate hitch for towing.

How Much Does A Small Travel Trailer Weigh?

Small campers can weigh anywhere between 1,000 pounds and 8,000. Before you buy a camper, it is best to check the towing capacity of the vehicle you plan to use and then choose an appropriately sized camper or trailer.

The Best Small Travel Trailers With Shower And Toilet

Floor plans and amenities can differ in small trailers and campers and many are surprised at how great they can be. Even in a small space. You are here because you want something that has a shower and toilet. Some of these have only a portable cassette toilet and an outdoor shower. Some of them have options to upgrade to have a wet bath. So, now see some of the best small trailers right here for you to help make your decision making easier. 

Flagstaff e-Pro E15TB outside
Weight2791 lb
Length15′ 10″
Fresh Water Tank37 gallons

Flagstaff e-Pro E15TB

The super fun Flagstaff E-Pro travel trailer has two twin-size beds in the back that can convert into a king bed. The wet bath with its Shower Miser water saver lets you rinse off whenever needed, and the front kitchen comes with a three-burner cooktop. Put your feet up in the evenings and watch your favorite show on the 12V TV with DVD player. Easily towed by fuel-efficient vehicles and smaller SUVs. This trailer also includes a WiFiRanger to enhance your WiFi, a gas/electric water heater with quick recovery, and a Water-Pur filtration system.

Little Guy Mini Max
Weight1,993 lb
Length17’ 2”
Fresh Water Tank20 gallons

Little Guy Mini Max

The Mini Max has a surprising interior height of 6′, making it very roomy for a teardrop in this class. You get to enjoy all the comforts of home with a wet bath, a dinette that converts to a queen or dual twin bed configuration, a large 5-cubic foot, tall-profile fridge, 2-burner stove, microwave, and stainless steel sink. The wet bath also features a glass shower door. You also get all the light you need with 4 large windows that can also be tinted.

Weight2504 lb
Length18′ 4″
Fresh Water Tank30 gallons

Forest River R-Pod RP171

Small and ultra-lightweight, the RP171 is perfect for weekend getaways and solo travelers. The length and width are perfect for towing with a car, minivan, or SUV. This trailer comes with all essential camping needs, sleeping 3 to 4 people, a TV, 2-burner cooktop, refrigerator, furnace, air conditioner, convection microwave, and wet bath. Don’t let the small floor plan fool you, the RP171 lets you enjoy the great outdoors with the conveniences of home.

Casita Spirit
Weight1,970 lb
Fresh Water Tank25 gallons

Casita Spirit

There are two separate sleeping areas that convert into dinette tables, providing comfortable seating for up to six people. The Spirit model is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a small affordable travel trailer. The rear dinette can be left permanently in the double bed position while utilizing the side dinette which is positioned at a large fully-operational screened picture window for the ultimate in dining enjoyment. This small trailer offers spacious seating, plenty of quality storage space, and large screened windows for an open, airy feeling.

Weight3,500 lb
Fresh Water Tank23 gallons

Airstream Bambi

Two people can comfortably sleep in the dedicated bed with a Memory Foam mattress, or you can easily and quickly convert the dinette into extra sleeping space for two. You get a stove and microwave as well as an LED HDTV and built-in DVD player. The built-in refrigerator keeps things fresh, and a sink and stove cover extend your prep space on the countertop. The exterior shower provides hot and cold water and there is a full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower. Enjoy the extra space for your stuff with the exterior storage compartment.

Weight3700 lb
Length18′ 5″
Fresh Water Tank32.5 gallons

Oliver Legacy Elite

The standard floor plan of the Legacy Elite comes with a 74″ x 52″ bed and a full bathroom that includes a toilet, vanity, and shower. The precision-crafted shell is made from double-hulled fiberglass is complete with a 10’ retractable awning. You get a kitchen with stove, refrigerator, and sink as well as a dining table and side dinette.


Basecamp 16
Weight3500 lb
Length16’ 3”
Fresh Water Tank22 gallons

Basecamp Camper 16

This is an amazing little trailer with everything you need. You get two benches and a seat that spans the inside of the rear hatch door to make room for five people to lounge, eat and hang out. These benches quickly become a bed for two that cover the whole back of the trailer. This trailer is unique in that it comes with a quickly and smoothly expanded Basecamp’s living and storage space with an inflatable tube frame tent attachment. You get a two-burner gas stove, as well as a sink that folds down for more working space as well as a microwave, refrigerator, outdoor shower, and plenty of storage space.

Meerkat Trailer
Weight900 lb
Fresh Water TankNo onboard tank, you can use a 2.5 gallon bottle to draw water to the sink

Meer Kat Trailer

The MeerKat features a stand-up headroom and has the ability to be stored in a garage. The trailer also features a porta-potty, with a tiny 2.5 gallon tank. There is NO SHOWER! However, there are hanging closets, storage, a dinette, and a roller system bed that comfortably sleeps 2. The MeerKat will fit in a standard garage, so there is no need for expensive monthly storage bills. The interior offers a very comfortable living arrangement, with an attractive wrap around seating area and a small table that converts into a bed. The trailer is fully insulated, and the screen windows on the back and sides open for ventilation as do the vents at the top. Please note, that there is no onboard water tank. You can use a small 2.5-gallon rectangular water bottle, put it under the sink. You can then prime the pump by pulling the handle at the facet until the water comes up through the tube.

Riverside Retro 135
Weight2540 lb
Length15′ 9″
Fresh Water Tank17 gallons

Riverside Retro 135

Enjoy the large sofa which pulls out into a full-size bed to comfortably sleep two. You also have a Queen sized bed. The kitchen is complete with a refrigerator, stove, and microwave as well as a stainless steel sink. The backup camera helps you drive and maneuver with ease. Spend your evenings relaxing by bringing the TV as this trailer comes with cable TV hookup and antenna as well as Bluetooth stereo with inside and outside speakers. The pleated shades will give you privacy when you need it or keep the cool air in on hot days. In this trailer, there is a separate bathroom and toilet for more comfort.

Scamp Standard
Weight1500 lb
Fresh Water Tank12 gallons

Scamp Standard

This compact and lightweight Scamp camper provides exceptional facilities for its size including a kitchen, bathroom, foldout bed, dining table, and plenty of storage space. There are multiple layouts, the cheapest version which has a bathroom is the Scamp Standard Layout 2. They have a deluxe model with more features that cost more. There is more than enough space for 3-4 people to sleep at night. The lightweight construction and aerodynamic design are preferred for today’s low fuel consumption.

Dinky Dub Adventure Camper
Weight3500 lb
Fresh Water Tank5 gallons

Dinky Dub Adventure Campers

The vintage-inspired trailer is perfect for those looking for something unique. Equipped with an expanding kitchen, queen-sized sleeping area, and plenty of storage space, the Dinky Dub also offers additional options like an awning over the hatchback and portable water tank. There is optional portable toilet, outside shower, different popup roof options, and more. You can truly customize it the way you want. The U-shaped seating area converts to a sleeping space. No need to worry about things getting too hot, the oscillating fan and ceiling vents will keep your space cool.

Weight1500 lb
Fresh Water Tank11 gallons

Aliner Great Ascape St Wet Bath

You will find features in the kitchen area which make it easy and convenient to fix your meals such as a two-burner stove, 3.0 cu. ft. refrigerator, and deep bowl sink. When you want to relax after a day of playing outside then come watch a little TV on the 23″ flat-screen TV. You will also find that each model features a dinette which easily converts into a 77″ x 64″ bed at night. The Ascape Plus is lightweight in design for easy towing. The trailer has different layouts, most model comes with a cassette toilet but it is also available with wet bath option.

Armadillo Trailer
MSRP $19,500
Weight1800 lb
Length 13’ 15”
Fresh Water Tank10 gallons

Armadillo Trailer

The lightweight two-piece fiberglass shell makes the trailer durable yet easy to maneuver. Enjoy the view with the sunview 6″ radius windows at the sides and the porthole window at the rear. The trailer has fresh water outlets on the exterior as well as an entry and screen door. Your kitchen features a 2-burner Dometic stove with glass top and electric ignition, a fridge.freezer, and stainless steel sink. Enjoy your favorite radio or television shows with the Bluetooth Stereo complete with 4 speakers. Please note, there is no shower but there is a portable cassette toilet option for all of their models.

Weight2,890 lb
Fresh Water Tank22 gallons

iCamp Trailer

The standard small trailer from iCamp sleeps 2 comfortably, with the table and benches converting to a bed. The kitchen comes with a 2-burner stove, sink, fridge/freezer, and plenty of pantry storage. There is a specialized clothes closet as well as a toilet and shower for your convenience. There are extra outlets and lights available so you will never be in the dark or without your modern conveniences such as televisions or computers. At the far end of the camper, you have a long bed for one person and two smaller beds/sitting area attached to it. The bed area also folds out so you have more than enough space for 3-4 people to sleep at night. 

Happier Camper HC1
Weight1100 lb
Fresh Water Tank5 gallons

Happier Camper HC1 Premium

The Happier Camper HC1 is a great, retro style small camper that’s comfortable and stylish. The premium package has a flushable toilet and shower is optional for additional costs. It comes solar-powered, with an optional heated shower attachment and Bluetooth sound system. It has a configuration set to be swapped out and transformed, making it the perfect option for anyone or two, or even five people who want to travel in comfort. The unique “Adaptiv” interior system allows for a limitless number of different configurations, making it perfect for any family or individual. Weighing only 1,100 lbs, the HC1 can be pulled by almost any kind of vehicle.

With this guide to the top small trailers available, your decision should be easier. As you can see with these top trailers, you can get all the comforts of home while living on the road. When it comes to RVing, good things definitely can come in small packages.