Planning To Live In A Class C RV? Read This First!

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Class C RV

Many avid RVers out there will tell you the only way to live on the road is in a Class A RV. While these larger RVs come with more perks and more space, they are not your only options for living on the road. Class C RVs are perfect for living full time and save money both in initial cost and running expenses. After you have lived on the road in a larger motorhome, you find that there is more space than you really need and a Class C RV is the way to go.

Downsizing has bad connotations but is a good thing when it comes to living full time in your RV. Many are surprised at just how comfortable you can be in a Class C motorhome. There is plenty of space for two adults and even a pet or two if you so desire. The average Class C motorhome comes with a booth or sofa that turns into beds. You get a bathroom equipped with a flushing toilet separate from the shower and sink. The kitchen features an induction stovetop, microwave, fridge, and several cupboards to accommodate dishware and non-refrigerated food items.

For those who are planning to be on the road for long periods of time or boondock out in the middle of nowhere, many RVs today come with solar panels and a built-in generator to make living more efficient and comfortable. With solar power and a generator you can go completely off the grid for maybe, away from everyone and everything, and totally self-contained for up to two weeks. Even better, your smaller RV can reach those out of the way areas that larger RVs can have some trouble.

Class C motorhomes are also perfect for campgrounds. Larger motorhomes can take up space and be tricky to maneuver in parking areas. When you consider that all the extra space you are trying to fit into places is really not needed, it is understandable while Class C RVs are preferred for off the grid living. Class C motorhomes can be parked easily by most shopping malls and strip malls, making them easier to accommodate whenever you are in towns running your errands.


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Just because you downsize doesn’t mean you give up storage. Most mid-size motorhomes come with ample storage for you to pack extra blankets, electronics, camping gear, chairs, or any other valuable cargo you like to keep with you. Most also come with a hitch at the back and multiple storage compartments that easily hold your bicycles or even a portable grill. For even more space, you can add a front hitch too.

There isn’t much room for guests, but if your friends need to join you on the road, even better, join to RV clubs and make friends to travel with! Living in your RV is the best way to feel free as you go where you want, whenever you want. Living in an RV frees you up from a mortgage and the expenses of running an RV are much cheaper than a home. With a Class C motorhome, you can travel to all your dream locations, bringing with you all that matters. Don’t be fooled by the smaller size, because there’s more to these RVs than meets the eye.

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