Shortest Super C RV

Last Updated on February 16, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

  • Super C RVs, more robust than Class C motorhomes, feature a truck-like front and diesel engines on a massive chassis.
  • Notable Shortest Super C RVs:
    1. Entegra Accolade: 39′ 4″, $269,925.
    2. Renegade Verona LE: 40′ 2″, $395,000.
    3. Thor Magnitude: Offers five floorplans, $219,600.
    4. Dynamax Force HD: Three floor designs, $276,111.
    5. Jayco Seneca: Ample storage, $264,300.
    6. Newmar Super Star: Four floorplans, $350,828.
    7. Nexus Wraith: 32′ 5″, $210,023.
  • Benefits:
    • Good towing capacity
    • Enhanced security
    • Spacious living area
    • Ample storage
    • Stability on the road
  • Cons:
    • Expensive
    • Lower fuel economy
  • Considerations:
    • Travel needs, budget, desired amenities.

RVs come in a variety of sizes, each with its own set of appealing features. However, every RVer is unique, and our priorities fluctuate based on our own lives and preferred camping methods.

In this article, let me talk about the Super C RVs.

What Is a Super C RV?

Compared to a Class C motorhome, a Super C RV is more powerful and uses a powerful truck on the front. Its engine is mounted on a massive front-engine chassis and most engines are diesel-powered.

Super Cs usually have an overhead bed and a connected cab. This guarantees that the RV is capable of towing another vehicle. Interior amenities in Super C RVs are equivalent to those in Class A RVs, which is why so many people opt to buy one.

Additionally, their tremendous horsepower and towing capacity make them quite desirable. This RV is superior in terms of power and hauling because of its larger engine than a Class C motorhome.

List of Shortest Super C RVs

Entegra Accolade

Entegra Super C

The Entegra Accolade is a 39-foot, 4-inch-long Super C RV. With the Accolade, you get all the benefits of a Super C RV at a fraction of the price, making it a great value for money.

This Super C RV’s special features include a touch screen control board, a washing and dryer combination, and a big bed. It can also pull a maximum weight of 12,000 lbs. These features make it a perfect RV for full-time living. In addition to its Freightliner structure, the Accolade has a cheaper sticker price.

This Entegra Accolade from Freightliner Business Class M2 costs around $269,925. Choosing a motorhome with a Super C option like Accolade is a good idea. Anyone who sees it will feel like they’ve spent their money well.


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Renegade Verona LE

Renegade Super C

Renegade Verona LE is 40′ 2′′ feet long and offers true opulence. Additionally, there is an open-air entertainment area, leather furniture, and enormous tanks built inside this Super C motorhome. Moreover, the fresh water tank has a capacity of 150 gallons, while the gray and black tanks each have a capacity of 75.

The Verona LE’s maximum towing capacity is astounding. It has a maximum towing capacity of 19,900 pounds. The Verona LE’s finest feature is the material utilized in its construction, which provides a flawless constructed quality.

What’s more exciting about this Super C RV is its kitchen. Porcelain tiles cover the flooring and cabinets of the kitchen which feature stone and rock ledges. You can own this Renegade Verona LE from Freightliner Business Class M2 for $395,000.

Thor Magnitude

thor Super C

Thor Magnitude surpassed many of the current Class C RVs on the market. In this Super C RV, there are five unique floorplans available, each with a Ford F-550 or F-600 engine choice. Additionally, this Thor Magnitude has top-notch safety features, including pre-crash warnings and side-view cameras.

No matter the floor plan you choose, there will be plenty of space for guests to sit. In fact, a fully-equipped kitchen is waiting for you, complete with a large, double-bowl sink and sturdy, smooth worktops.

In addition, the lounge area has a variety of seating options. What’s more amazing about this Super C RV is its macerating framework that makes tank discharge more convenient than ever before.

A working dinette with built-in cup holders has also been included in the Thor’s Dream Dinette setup. The SV34 model’s Tilt-A-View bed is the perfect companion for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Even in the restroom, with its glass doorway, lofty lookout window, and treated steel sink, you may discover luxury. The price of this Ford F550-powered Thor Magnitude is $219,600.

Dynamax Force HD

Dynamax Super C

The Super C RV Dynamax Force HD has approximately 36-37 feet long and embodies strength, style, and dependability. With this RV, customers may choose from three stunning floor designs, as well as add their own personal touches from the dealer.

Depending on the layout selected, the interior offers sophisticated protective hides and a tri- or L-shaped sofa. This Super C RV will surely amaze you since it already has a 39-inch LED Smart TV built into the entertainment area in the shape of a chimney.

Additionally, automated leveling jacks and a paint assurance package are included with the RV. What makes it better is that this RV has automatic steps that make it easier to enter and depart, and the ventilation system is foil-lined for further security for the individuals who live within. This Super C RV Dynamax Force HD is available at $276,111.

Jayco Seneca

Jayco Seneca Super C

Among the many different types of recreational vehicles available, the Jayco Seneca ranks at the top of the heap. It offers a sense of peace and tranquility to both the owner and the family that lives here.

With this Super C RV, setting up camp will be a lot more enjoyable thanks to the plenty of storage space and standard conveniences.

You’ll have plenty of room for all of your outdoor gear and adornments in this RV’s large capacity compartments. Additionally, with the heavy-duty hammer hook doors, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe while on the road.

It is Jayco’s intention for Seneca to expand in both size and scope. The roof, sidewalls, and flooring planks of the RV have Jayco’s Vacuum-Bond cover. Even the tallest visitors will have plenty of headroom because of the 84-inch high roofs.

Moreover, the legless dining area maximizes space. On the other hand, the weight restriction for the sleeper above the driver’s cab is 750 pounds. You can get this Super C RV for only $264,300.

Newmar Super Star

newmar Super C

The Newmar Super Star is available in four different floorplans including one measuring 37 feet and three measuring 40 feet. A complete slide-out from the floor to the roof is standard.

This Super C RV also has an extra layer of defense provided by the froth protection and aluminum-outlined sidewalls. Newmar Super Star’s fill-ups are less frequent with its 100-gallon gasoline limit.

Unlike typical RVs, this motorhome features two overhangs on each of its sides. Additionally, a 50-inch 4K LED TV, a Bose Solo 5 Soundbar, and two Penguin heat siphon temperature control systems are included in most RVs.

You can get this Freightliner Business Class M2 chassis Newmar Super Star for only $350,828.

Nexus Wraith

Nexus Super C

The Nexus Wraith is 32′ 5′′ long and has a variety of handy features. It has huge storage tanks and a 6.7L Cummins 300 HP Engine that limit the amount of cargo and supplies you can haul.

What’s more exciting is this Super C RV has modern features, such as touch screen controls, Bluetooth systems, and backup cameras.

Additionally, the Nexus RV includes stainless steel storage bins and Beau Flooring that has been upgraded as well as heated and enclosed holding tanks, and “plug and play” electrical outlets all around the camper.

The RV’s design is extremely attractive, and you’ll have a relaxing and stress-free trip in this Super C motorhome. You can own this Nexus Wraith Super C RV for only $210, 023.

Benefits of Having Super C RV

Super C RVs provide several advantages for potential owners with particular demands. If you’re thinking about getting one, these are some of the most important benefits:

  • Good Towing Capacity

With their larger chassis and more powerful engines, Super C RVs can carry more weight and have more hitch receivers and bearings. The towing capability of a Super C RV may range from 10,000 to 20,000 pounds. As a result, the Super C RV is a popular choice for those who frequently travel with trailers of considerable size.

  • Security and Safety

Super C RVs often have longer wheelbases since they are built on large commercial vehicles. They are more steady on the road and more secure to drive.

Moreover, because of their stability, they are easier to drive on rocky terrain or in hostile landscapes. Additionally, the huge engine beneath the hood provides protection and a greater crumple zone in the case of an accident.

The sheer size and weight of large vehicles like the Super C RV mean that they are more likely to survive even the most severe collisions.

  • Spacious Living Area

Having a Super C chassis allows RV manufacturers to produce larger units, allowing for more people to be accommodated in terms of sleeping, dining, and riding spaces as well as more storage for all of the things you want to bring along.

  • More Storage

It is possible to transport a wide range of recreational gear for the benefit of the whole family thanks to the abundance of storage compartments and their generous dimensions.

  • Stable on the Road

The Super C RV is more securely grounded when driving because of the bigger, heavier frame and longer wheelbase. This makes it safer on the road and less vulnerable to buffeting by larger vehicles.

Most drivers find this to be a desirable characteristic as tall, flat-sided cars have a tendency to dramatically feel the wind from the environment as well as from huge passing cars.

The Cons of Super C RV

Super C motorhomes have many great aspects and benefits, but there are also some drawbacks to owning these vehicles. Let’s find out the cons of Super C RV here.

  • Expensive Price Point

The price of larger or more opulent versions might be a significant drawback. Most current versions of Super C RVs cost above $300,000, with prices generally ranging from $150,000 to $600,000. There are several variables to consider when determining a recreational vehicle’s price, including the model, age, and make. However, the cost of a Super C RV is generally rather considerable.

  • Fuel Economy

The bigger, heavier Super C has one benefit, but a drawback as well. It takes a lot of diesel to power the larger, more powerful engines. It is common for Super Cs to have a 100-gallon diesel capacity, yet most owners report getting less than ten miles per gallon out of their vehicles.

The fuel economy is further harmed by towing a large trailer or a heavy automobile behind the RV. These RVs have both advantages and disadvantages. In terms of gasoline, class C motorhomes are better than these.

Should You Buy a Super C RV?

When it comes to selecting an RV, it’s important to consider not just where you want to go, but also what you want to do while you’re there. It is also vital to take into account factors like cost, fuel economy, and how many people and cargo you will need to transport.


Super C RVs are fantastic high-end motorhomes, but they aren’t for everyone. So before you buy one, it’s better to weigh first the pros and cons of having one.

I hope that the list of shortest Super C RVs provided above has helped you come up with a well-informed decision before buying one.

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