Buying My RV

Last Updated on December 13, 2022

ford majestic tourerI’ve been dreaming about being free, living in an RV, and spending my life living in National Parks, Forests, and the beach. I’ve always loved road trips and being outdoors.

Spending my summer in Europe with my parents was awesome. I am always sad to leave. My boyfriend of two years told me that he moved to Miami while I was away. I was pretty depressed going back to the 9-5 work routine in an area of LA that I didn’t like at all.

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Listening to books like “4 hour work week” and Robert Kiyosakee’s books I knew that there are many opportunities out there to make you free. Go from A to B each day, hardly communicating with anyone else but your co-workers or the people you live with is boring. We all get into this routine and we live our life like that. You just collect more and more stuff, moving is difficult. You believe you own all your stuff but really, your stuff owns you.  If that’s what you want kudos to you, but I realized this is not for me.

Besides, most of my friends I made in LA don’t desire the same type of lifestyle I want to live. Most of the people closest to me either never have money to do anything or just get busy with their own lives, own problems. The ones who wanna do outdoorsy stuff are just not available when I have the time.

So one day I went to an RV dealership and test-drove a beautiful new class B van. It was around 80k plus tax, very expensive. When I told my friend about it, he advised me not to get an expensive RV, just get something I can afford, try it, test it if it is for me and later I can get into something more expensive. I took his advice. I went online to Craigslist and searched for days. I found one for a good price, the only problem was that it was a 6-hour drive away.

I hired an inspector service who inspected the RV and told me that it is in a good shape. They sent me numerous pictures and describe the pros, and cons and rated the van. I decided I can’t leave this deal. So all I had to do is go up to get it. My friend came with me and we drove home. I knew I had to change the tires, home battery and inspect everything to see what needs to be fixed.

I felt a bit overwhelmed, I was excited and wasn’t sure if this was the right decision. I knew I will have issues parking it (nobody likes an RV parking front of their house) but since this one is considered a passenger van, they really cannot do anything. You can park on a public street if there are no restrictions.

Why did I decide on Class B?

Class B RVs are easier to park, they are compact, and they have everything one or two person needs. You will have no problem going shopping in malls or even parallel park it.

After owning my RV for a few months I have absolutely no regrets. I get to spend each weekend somewhere nice, it became my weekend home. I am determined to build a like-minded community with this website and the digital nomad lifestyle won’t be anything less than exciting.

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