How To Earn a Regular Income with the RV-Life

Last Updated on February 16, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

  • RV lifestyle values travel, independence, and work-life balance.
  • Unconventional jobs like plasma donation lack stability.
  • RV-friendly employment options offer a steady income.
  • Teaching online requires qualifications but offers stability and potential for growth.
  • Freelancing allows the monetization of various skills with flexibility.
  • Becoming an RV technician provides financial benefits and independence from internet dependency.
  • Virtual assistant jobs offer remote customer service opportunities.
  • Blogging or vlogging requires expertise but offers the potential for a well-paying business.

RV owners like us thrive on travel and exploration. We’re self-sufficient, independent, and appreciate unconventionality. 

While RV-ing could be a hobby or a lifestyle choice, there’s always the question of work-life balance. Clearly, regular nine-to-five jobs may not be the ideal way of life for a full-time RV-er.

Making money through quick, atypical occupations – donating plasma, volunteering at shelters, selling used items, etc. is an option if you’re looking for alternatives to the standard work culture. But most of the time, you’re not guaranteed a steady income.

 Here are a few RV-life-friendly employment choices with a good income.

Teaching Online

Several companies hire tutors for teaching online. 

This path requires having some qualifications like a high school diploma or a degree or even official certifications. Though, qualification and experience are just as important as quality and punctuality.

You could work on a fixed schedule or on a self-appointed timetable. When you work under an organization, you’re subjected to potential pay raises and bonuses but most importantly, a fixed salary. 

If you have mastery of a subject like corporate training, you can also work on your own terms and make big money. Why not start a small training business with the help of training materials available online? 


Freelancing online is one of the most popular, upcoming job prospects. 

Any skill can be monetized. You could be a graphic designer and take on clients independently or even form your own company.

The greatest advantage of freelancing for an RV-er is flexibility. Not only does it allow you to have a fixed source of income but also the opportunity to do so at your convenience. 

Good quality service may allow you to earn even more than you would at a regular job. 

RV Technician

This is another qualification-based job opportunity, but it is beneficial in more ways than just financially.

Lately, with a surge in the number of RV-ers, choosing to be an RV technician is easily one of the most fitting options. RV mechanics not only earn well but also manage to save a lot of money by carrying out RV maintenance

Another advantage for an RV tech is not having to be dependent on the internet to earn a living. This is more practical. 

However, while substantial preparation and training are required to become a certified RV technician, the course duration is relatively short. There are also significantly fewer training academies that specialize in RV repair. Regardless, this is a great career path, especially for permanent RV-ers. 


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Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can work remotely. A virtual assistant’s job is to aid a business’s customers by email, website, or the company’s social networking sites. This comes under the large bracket of customer service. 

Customer service jobs are among the most common and abundantly available job opportunities.  

These jobs are a great alternative for people who want to try living in an RV full-time quickly due to its high demand and limited required qualifications.

While customer service jobs are not typically known to be high-paying, they’re all generally entry-level, making it a great stepping stone for any career path. 

Blogging or Vlogging

Many new RV-ers dream of turning their blogs, social media accounts, or YouTube channels into full-time RVing jobs. Sadly, only a small percentage of those who try, succeed.

A lot goes into successfully starting a blog. Choose a specialty in which you’re already an expert or are close to being one. Learn to build your own website and study the ongoing media and marketing trends. There are various ways to make money through blogs

Vlogging (or video blogging) is yet another popular form of content creation. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok are all great launchpads for budding vloggers. 

Similar to blogging, vlogging requires some skills like videography, scriptwriting, and monologuing, and equipment such as cameras, lenses, ring lights, etc. You could be strategic about vlogging and turn it into a well-paying business


Embrace the “workamping” lifestyle, which involves working at campgrounds or RV parks in exchange for free or discounted campsites. Workamping opportunities may include roles in maintenance, office administration, housekeeping, landscaping, and campground hosting. Workamper News and are resources for finding workamping positions.


Creativity and passion are the driving forces behind any idea, so don’t let fear of the unknown stupefy your ambitions. 

Make the most out of the fluidity that comes with the RV lifestyle. Be it temporary or permanent, life on the highway is an incredible adventure. 


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