The Smallest Class C RVs

Last Updated on February 12, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

  • Coachmen Freelander 22XG – Length: 24′ 3″
  • Thor Quantum LC22 – Length: 24 feet
  • Gulf Stream Conquest 6237LE – Length: 24 feet
  • Thor Four Winds 22B – Length: 24′ 11″
  • Thor Delano Sprinter 24TT – Length: 24′ 1″
  • East to West Entrada 2200S – Length: 23′ 10″
  • Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M – Length: 24′ 5″
  • Thor Chateau 22E – Length: 24′ 11″
  • Winnebago View 24D – Length: 25′ 6″
  • Forest River Sunseeker 2150SLE – Length: 25′

One of the best vehicles to give you all of these is a small class C RV and for good reason. Much more compact and smaller compared to class A RVs, these are easier to drive and take around while still giving a ton of features to enjoy while on the road.

If you’re in the market for a new RV, taking a look at some of the smallest class C RVs on the market may just be right on your alley. Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with some friends and family, these vehicles are worth considering. Get to know what these are and the different models you should keep your eyes out for.

What is a Small Class C RV?

A small class C RV is a type of RV that is built on a cutaway chassis. This usually entails that there’s an overhang located right above the driver’s seat and this can either be used for storage or as another place to sleep and rest.

What constitutes a small class C recreational vehicle is an RV whose body goes no longer than 25 but some may consider it up to 30 feet. However, the usual range can go anywhere from 20 to 30 feet in length.

Small class C RVs have been quite popular as of late and that’s because it comes with a number of advantages. These include being able to drive and maneuver this around easily compared to larger RVs. Its smaller size also makes it flexible enough to be parked just about anywhere and these don’t need a separate towing vehicle since it’s that compact.

Bear in mind, however, that due to its smaller size, this may not exactly be the best for larger groups. At best, a small class C RVs can comfortably sleep two people, with four to six being a tight fit. Despite this, there’s an array of floorplans across a variety of price ranges that will let you find the right vehicle for you.

Check Out 16 of the Smallest Class C RVs


Coachmen Freelander 22XG

 Coachmen-Freelander-22XKey Features:

  • MSRP: $118,230
  • Length: 24′ 3″
  • Murphy bed
  • Bunk bed over the cab
  • J-lounge dinette
  • USB charging stations
  • 32-inch TV


The Coachmen Freelander 22XG is built on a Ford 350 chassis. This features a queen-size Murphy bed that gives you enough space to relax after a long day, with extra bunk beds for friends and guests to sleep on without disrupting your sleep.

The Freelander 22XG gives a balance of beauty and functionality, especially with the various factory features it comes with. Besides the aforementioned aspects, some of the highlights of this class C motorhome are its front living area, center kitchen, and rear bath.


Thor Quantum LC22

Quantum LC22 RV Key Features

  • MSRP $128,400
  • Length: 24 feet
  • Queen-sized corner bed
  • Dropdown bunk bed
  • Optional convertible dinette for extra sleeping
  • Lots of storage space

Qantum LC22 Layout

The Thor Quantum LC22 is one of the smallest class C RVs in the bunch coming at just 24 feet in length, but it makes up for its small size with its relatively large sleeping capacity by accommodating six people. There is a queen-sized bed, as well as a bunk bed above the cab, and a bed that converts from the dinette.

It is built on a Ford chassis as well and this motorhome has a freshwater capacity of 40 gallons. Given this, there is a surprising amount of storage space that comes in handy for storing all your necessities. There is also a full-sized bathroom and closet and the skylight in the cab area gives a light and airy feel.


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Gulf Stream Conquest 6237LE

Gulf Stream Conquest 6237LE

Key Features:

  • MSRP: $94,000
  • Length: 24 feet
  • Queen bed
  • Bunk bed over the cab
  • Full bathroom
  • Basement storage

Gulf Stream Conquest 6237LE floorplan

Comfort and storage are within arm’s reach with the Gulf Stream Conquest 6237LE. Built on your choice of Ford E350 or the E450, this gives you ample sleeping space for five people. Besides a bed that measures 60 x 70 inches, an overhead bunk and a bunk insert give way for resting through the night.

The basement storage is a godsend as it lets you bring and store other essentials with ease even when it’s for a long period of time. The full bathroom is a welcome sight to clean yourself up after a long day or after eating and making a meal in the galley kitchen.


Thor Four Winds 22B

Four Winds Key Features:

  • MSRP $129,000
  • Length: 24′ 11″
  • Bunk bed over the cab
  • Bedroom slide
  • Shower skylight
  • Double-door fridge

Thor Four Winds 22 b floorplan

The Thor Four Winds 22B motorhome gives premium to your privacy with a queen-sized bed situated in the rear on a slide and with a privacy curtain and a charging station. The bathroom is likewise situated in the rear, giving an equally private time for users, yet it opens up beautifully thanks to the skylight in the shower area.

This motorhome is also built on a Ford E-series chassis and this accommodates a bunk bed over the cab. Meanwhile, this motorhome also comes with a three-burner stove and a sizeable dinette. A double-door refrigerator and the optional 39-inch TV make this RV truly feel like a home.


Thor Delano Sprinter 24TT

Thor Delano Sprinter 24TT

Key Features:

  • MSRP $192,887
  • Length: 24′ 1″
  • Queen-sized bed
  • Full side slide
  • Built-in skylight

Thor Delano Sprinter 24TT

The Thor Delano Sprinter 24TT is built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis. It boasts a five-person sleeping capacity over a queen-sized bed and a bunk over a cab. A privacy curtain separates the rear bed from the rest of the RV with its own 32-inch TV situated there just for you.

Covered in a grey cashmere hue, this exudes understated grace and elegance that gives a new meaning to traveling in style. This is further complemented by the skylight that lets the sun bring more light in. Coupled with a closet, this gives ample space to house your belongings for the trip.


East to West Entrada 2200S

Key Features:

  • MSRP $107,847
  • Length: 23′ 10″
  • Queen bed
  • Bunk over cab
  • Extra storage space

East to West Entrada 2200S layoutThe East to West Entrada 2200S model is the smallest Class C RV we have found with only 23′ 10″. It can accommodate a group of four to five people comfortably with its queen-sized bed and an equal room bunk bed that opens up over the cab. Just under the bed, you can find storage space. Speaking of storage space, a separate cabinet space can be used either as a pantry or additional wardrobe space.

This RV is equipped with a convection microwave in lieu of the traditional oven, giving modern amenities that suit the overall appearance and functionality of the motorhome. The dinette folds into a sleeping space as well, with more storage space underneath.


Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M Key Features:

  • MSRP $142,387
  • Length: 24′ 5″
  • Convertible dinette
  • Rear bedroom and bathroom
  • Overhead bed

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M floorplan

The Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M is different from its predecessors with its single slide-out floor plan. This makes it more appealing to consumers, primarily as it gives people more space and privacy. Built on a Ford chassis, this floorplan sleeps five people with the help of the overhead bed and the bed that converts from the dinette.

It seems that space is all the rage with the Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M as this does not skimp on a full dry bathroom. You even get a separate wardrobe and pantry. This RV model comes with a 45-gallon gray tank and a 40-gallon black tank, perfect for when you’re going on long trips.


Thor Chateau 22E

Thor Chateau-22E Key Features:

  • MSRP $123,150
  • Length: 24′ 11″
  • Corner queen bed
  • Cab over bunk
  • Dream dinetteThor Chateau-22E

The Thor Chateau 22E is built on a Ford E-series chassis and this can accommodate up to five people. The queen bed is nicely tucked away in the rear and sits beside the shower and toilet area. Meanwhile, the cab over bunk bed makes for a roomy space to sleep in.

The step-up creates a subtle distinction and separation between the dining and cooking area. The dream dinette allows for quick conversion from a table to a bed. Meanwhile, a separate closet can be used for extra storage space within the RV.


Winnebago View 24D

Winnebago View 24D Key Features:

  • MSRP $198,488
  • Length: 25′ 6″
  • Murphy bed
  • Choice of theater seating or u-shaped dinette
  • Tons of storage space
  • Movable pedestal table
  • Swivel cab seat

Winnebago View 24D floorplan

Take comfort and luxury with you with Winnebago View 24D’s Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. This ensures that it is fitted with the heating and cooling system that Winnebago is known for, as well as its comprehensive electrical system. The sleeper deck is fitted with insulation to give you unparalleled relaxation.

This model gives you the opportunity to choose between a theater setting or a U-shaped dinette depending on your needs and preferences, giving you full control over the lifestyle you wish to have.

The Murphy bed sits right over the sofa, giving you additional space to move freely during the daytime. The swivel seats, alongside the movable pedestal table, make the whole motorhome a breeze to converse in wherever you may be.


Forest River Sunseeker 2150SLE

Forest River Sunseeker 2150SLE Key Features:

  • MSRP $95,057
  • Length: 25′
  • Queen bed
  • Over cab bunk
  • Overhead storage spaceForest River Sunseeker 2150SLE

The Forest River Sunseeker 2150SLE is built using an LE series Chevy chassis and measures 25 feet, making it quite roomy compared to the rest. This cute Class C has a unique layout compared to the ones I mentioned before. The slide is in the living room and the RV can be fully used with the slide in. The bed is a queen-sized corner bed with lots of storage cabinets.

An over-cab bunk can likewise be utilized by other people in the motorhome and this even faces its own television.

Other amenities that you can enjoy include a stovetop with a convection microwave, storage wardrobes, and a flip-up countertop.


Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24LP

Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24LP Key Features:

  • MSRP $188,993
  • Length: 25′ 2″
  • Full kitchen and bathroom
  • Full side slide
  • Swivel chairs in the cab
  • Cab over bunkJayco Melbourne Prestige 24LP

The Jayco Melbourne Prestige line, including the 24LP model, is designed for travelers who want to have a luxurious and elevated experience with them at all times. This, after all, offers a roomy cabin that has more floorspace even with a queen-sized bed.

There is even room to move around with a full kitchenette and bathroom, complemented by the equally spacious U-shaped dinette. Swivel chairs make for easy and convenient conversation while acting as extra seating at the same time.

You’ll have no shortage of storage space here, with overhead and under-mount storage available in different parts of the motorhome.

Forest River Forester LE 2251SLE

Forest River Forester LE 2251SF Key Features:

  • MSRP $93,097
  • Length: 23′ 10″
  • Queen-sized bed on the slide
  • Cab over bunk
  • Dry bathroom
  • Wardrobe and pantry spaceForest River Forester LE 2251SF layout

The Forest River Forester LE 2251SLE sits on Ford Ecoline or the Chevy chassis. It accommodates a queen bed with a wedge mattress underneath, giving enough space to move around. The dry bathroom is something you’ll want to have, especially since it keeps the waterworks separate from the rest of the bathroom.

When it comes to storage, you’ll want for nothing since this model not only features a wardrobe, but also a pantry and other overhead storage throughout the motorhome.


Coachmen Prism 24FS

Coachmen Prism Key Features:

  • MSRP $192,887
  • Length: 24′ 11″
  • Full side slide
  • Bunk over cab
  • Exterior entertainment area
  • TV with a soundbar system

Coachmen Prism 24fs

The Coachmen Prism 24S is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, giving it a more luxurious and cool vibe that’s hip and modern. One of the selling points of this motorhome is its privacy shades, giving you coverage from prying eyes.

There’s plenty of sleeping space within the motorhome thanks to the addition of a bunk bed above the cab. Storage space can be found peppered in different parts of the RV and there’s even a separate linen closet for extra storage.


Thor Geneva 28VA

 Thor Geneva 28VAKey Features:

  • MSRP $113,513
  • Length: 29′ 11″
  • One slide-out
  • Bunk over cab
  • Queen bed
  • Jack knife sofaThor Geneva 28VA layout

Take indoor and outdoor living to another level with the Thor Geneva 28VA. This small class C RV is a bit on the longer end, measuring 29.9 feet long on a Ford E-series chassis, this accommodates up to five people with a folding Murphy bed, a bunk over the cab, and a slide-out feature. The jack knife sofa, in particular, will sleep more people.

The built-in skylight makes the cab over bunk sleeping space one for the books, as if you’re relaxing under the stars. Besides these, it’s worth mentioning that the entertainment system is unparalleled. There’s a WiFi hotspot connection if you please, an exterior entertainment center, and even full kitchen amenities available.


+2 Class B+ RVs


Gulf Stream Coach BT Cruiser 5210

This is not a Class C this one is called a Class B+. The difference is that Class B+ RVs don’t have a bed over the cab. There are other models of Class B+ RVs out there, I thought I add two to this list, but there are many others out there.

BT cruiserKey Features:

  • MSRP $76,978
  • Length: 22′ 6″
  • Two jack-knife sofas turn into a large bed
  • Roomy kitchen cooktop and sink
  • Dry bathroom
  • Different storage areasGulf Stream Coach BT Cruiser 5210

Built on a Ford E-series chassis, you could not imagine a small motorhome measuring around just 22 and a half feet long.

Despite its size, the Gulf Stream Coach BT Cruiser 5210 is packed with residential features such as two jack knife sofas that open up to a bed, making it more spacious than it seems.

This motorhome might be best suited for two people, but it’s definitely not lacking in everything you might need while being away from home. It’s fitted with a three-burner stovetop, a microwave, a large sink, and even a bathroom and toilet.


Phoenix Cruiser 2100

Phoenix-Cruiser-2100 Key Features:

  • MSRP $113,000
  • Length: 21′ 7″
  • Slide with pull-out couch
  • DinettePhoenix-Cruiser-2100 layout

I wanted to include The Phoenix Cruise 2100 because it is a small Class B+ with a slide that someone may like. That is rare. It is built on a Ford E-450 chassis and it measures just 22 feet in length, making it one of the smallest RVs. Although this may be the case, this model has a pull-out couch that slides with it to make it into your bed.

A small dinette sits across the pull-out couch and there are tons of storage space throughout the whole motorhome. This makes it perfect for traveling alone or with a partner in tow. Its entry is located in the rear.


The Bottom Line

Small class C RVs are worth looking into if you want to drive and travel with ease thanks to their super maneuverability. With the various fixtures and amenities that it provides, these certainly are perfect for traveling to different parts of the country.

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