The 6 Awesomest Off-Road RVs

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Going Off-Road in Style

Getting off the grid and going off-road can be the adventure of a lifetime. Or it can be something you do every now and then just to get out of the city. Whatever your reason for going off-road, you want to make sure you have a reliable camper to withstand rugged terrains. There are a number of good off-road campers out there so the decision can be overwhelming. The best off-road campers are below to help you narrow down your search.



Bengal outside

Manufactured by Tiger, this classic and dependable off-road vehicle/camper is perfect for all terrains. The camper offers a high roofline and interior ceiling and an all-season cabin fixed to the truck chassis. You can move easily between the cab and the truck and the living space is comfortable for 2. You get a living-room-style floor plan, with an overhead bed and fold-out couch as well as a full galley kitchen, enclosed wet bath, sink, and full-size toilet.



HD offers the Earthroamer for those who are looking for quality and craftsmanship in smaller off-road campers. Despite being smaller than other campers, the Earthroamer is spacious and provides excellent water, fuel, solar, and battery capacities. The camper is all-season capable and has a huge rooftop solar array and hydraulic leveling system as standard. The interior is intelligently designed for comfort and quality. Multiple floor plans are available to fit your needs but all come with floor heaters, dry bath, washer/dryer, and comfortable beds.



unimog outside

From Mercedes comes the Unimog, a newer, versatile 4-wheel drive vehicle. Mercedes designed the Unimog to fill the needs on the market that have not yet been met in off-roading vehicles. The design is dynamic and reliable and can withstand any terrain in its way. It also comes with a low-maintenance engine and multiple attachments and mounting options. The advanced hydraulic system allows the Unimog to climb gradients of all sizes and the advanced technology makes this model a vehicle and tool in one.


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TURTLETurtle offroad

The Turtle from GXV is a true expedition vehicle that comes with the quality of many larger world-traveling vehicles but at entry-level pricing. Available in standard and XL lengths, you can pick the best Turtle for you. The interior is foam insulated and the exterior is reinforced to provide a comfortable yet sturdy cabin. You get a full kitchen galley, washroom with swivel toilet, sink and shower, a dining area, and bed area to fit a queen size bed. There are numerous options and add-ons you can choose for your Turtle to customize it to your style and needs.




GXV also offers the UXV-Max, which has been tested and approved for tropical locations to the icy tundra. The thick construction and extra insulation provide a sturdy frame and a comfortable interior. The cab-over bed fits a queen or king; you get a full galley kitchen, a dining area with several different layout options, and a dry or wet bath as well as plenty of storage. You can add a cab-over module for extra storage space or a living room. The lowered door entry, integrated insect screens, rook skylight, and armor vision windows complete the package of this quality off-road vehicle.



Winnebago Revel

Winnebago offers the Revel for your off-roading adventures. This model is a straightforward design with all features based on functionality. The floorplans are designed around a power lift bed; you get a full galley kitchen with a compressor refrigerator and an all-in-one wet bath. You can also add a solar power system and diesel-powered heating, and a dinette that converts to an additional sleeping area. The high-low range mode of the truck allows this vehicle to conquer most terrain and is the most off-road capable RV from Winnebago.

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