Best Hard Sided Pop Up Campers

Last Updated on February 13, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Best Top 3 Hard Side Pop-up Campers:
      • Trail Manor 2720 Series: Stylish, rectangular design with various amenities and easy setup.
      • Chalet XL-1920: Ideal for small families with bunk beds, kitchenette, and electronic roof-lifting features.
      • Forest River A122S: A-frame design with spacious interior, large windows, and all-in-one features.
  • Pros of Hard Side Pop-up Campers:
    • Durability: Sturdy construction provides better protection against harsh weather conditions and offers security and privacy.
    • Insulation: Better insulation than soft-sided pop-up campers, keeping you comfortable in various weather conditions.
    • Comfort: Amenities such as a kitchenette, bathroom, and comfortable sleeping quarters enhance the camping experience.
    • Easy to Set Up: Generally easy to set up and take down, making them convenient for campers.
    • Versatility: Suitable for various types of camping, including RV parks, campgrounds, and boondocking.
  • Cons of Hard Side Pop-up Campers:
    • Cost: Generally more expensive than soft-sided pop-up campers or tent camping equipment.
    • Weight: Heavier than tent-style pop-up campers, requiring a vehicle with higher towing capacity.
    • Storage: Require more storage space when not in use compared to soft-sided pop-up campers.
    • Maintenance: Require more maintenance due to solid walls and mechanical components.
    • Limited Off-Road Capability: Not suitable for off-road adventures due to weight and size.
  • Maintenance and Leak Prevention: Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to prevent leaks in hard-top pop-up trailers. Checking seals and inspecting the camper for cracks are crucial steps.
  • Value of Hard Side Pop-up Campers: Despite the higher cost, hard-side pop-up campers offer convenience, comfort, and versatility, making them worth the investment for camping enthusiasts.

Hard-side pop-up campers are rare. You cannot find these easily now, but if you seek to invest in one, you can search the market and get your hands on some of the best options listed below. 

Whether you plan on investing in a hard-top pop-up trailer or an A-frame hard-side camper, choose the one that meets your needs. Before listing our options, dive in to see what pop-up RV campers with a hard side are and their benefits.

What are Hard Side Pop-up Campers? 

hard side pop up camperPop-up campers are a type of collapsible trailer that can be hitched to and towed by your vehicle, providing comfortable lodging while camping. These campers come in two styles: hard-sided and soft-sided. The primary difference between the two is the material used to construct them.

Hard-sided pop-up trailers have durable sides that provide protection, insulation, and privacy compared to the canvas material used in tent-style pop-up trailers. Despite their sturdy construction, hard-top pop-up trailers are relatively lightweight and easy to set up, making them an excellent choice for camping enthusiasts who are concerned about weight. Overall, pop-up campers offer a convenient and comfortable way to enjoy camping trips.

Pros of Hard Side Pop-up Campers

Hard-sided pop-up campers have several advantages that make them a popular choice for camping enthusiasts. Here are some of the pros of hard-sided pop-up campers:

  • Durability: Hard-sided pop-up campers are made of sturdy materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and provide better protection against the elements than soft-sided pop-up campers. The solid walls and roof also offer more security and privacy.
  • Insulation: Hard-sided pop-up campers provide better insulation than soft-sided pop-up campers, which means they can keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.
  • Comfort: Hard-sided pop-up campers offer more comfort than tent-style pop-up campers. They usually come with amenities such as a kitchenette, bathroom, and comfortable sleeping quarters, which can make your camping experience more enjoyable.
  • Easy to Set Up: Hard-sided pop-up campers are generally easy to set up and take down, making them a convenient option for campers who want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time setting up camp.
  • Versatility: Hard-sided pop-up campers are suitable for various types of camping, including RV parks, campgrounds, and boondocking. They offer a more comfortable camping experience than tent camping but are less bulky and easier to maneuver than full-sized RVs.

Cons of Hard Side Pop-Up Campers

While hard-sided pop-up campers have many advantages, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. Here are some cons of hard-sided pop-up campers:

  • Cost: Hard-sided pop-up campers are generally more expensive than soft-sided pop-up campers or tent camping equipment. The cost can be a significant barrier for those on a tight budget.
  • Weight: Although hard-sided pop-up campers are generally lighter than full-sized RVs, they are still heavier than tent-style pop-up campers. They require a vehicle with a higher towing capacity and can be more challenging to maneuver.
  • Storage: Hard-sided pop-up campers are bulkier than soft-sided pop-up campers or tent camping equipment. They require more storage space when not in use, and some campsites may not be able to accommodate them.
  • Maintenance: Hard-sided pop-up campers require more maintenance than soft-sided pop-up campers or tent camping equipment. The solid walls and roof can be more susceptible to damage from impacts, and the mechanical components require regular maintenance to ensure they remain in good working order.
  • Limited Off-Road Capability: Due to their weight and size, hard-sided pop-up campers may not be suitable for off-road adventures or remote camping locations. They are best suited for RV parks, campgrounds, or other established camping areas.

Why They Are Amazing:

Extreme insulation:

Such campers feature high insulation levels against heat and cold, making them comfortable in scorching summers and breezy winters. 


The best thing about these campers is that they offer ultimate privacy with sound Insulation. 

Ultimate protection:

If you seek to camp in a wildlife area, it’s best to invest in the hard-side campers as they offer protection to users. It’s best to choose hard-top pop-up trailers with campgrounds where wildlife loves indulging in your camps.

Stability and durable:

Hardtop popup campers are made from fiberglass or steel, making these campers highly stable and durable, making them an ideal choice for use outdoors. They won’t bend or break even when used in windy areas offering complete stability. 

They are great for weather protection. You don’t need to worry about catching up in the storm as it features solid roofs with steady walls. Stay cozy and warm, feeling homely while relaxing in this camper. 

Easy to tow:

Hard-top pop-up trailers are great as they are easy to tow for users. You can use a wide range of vehicles which helps you tow them to the desired destination. The campers are easy to tow as they come lightweight, offering better fuel capacity. 

Compact functionality:

Don’t get deceived by the size of the travel trailer. The campers are designed compactly to offer immediate comfort with incredible amenities once you expand them. You can enjoy entertainment, a living area, a seating area, king-size bed, kitchenette, dinette, or bathrooms. 

Homely feel:

The hard-side pop-up campers come with walls and a roof that gives you security and safety. You can just put it on the mattress and enjoy delicious meals making you feel at home. 

Top 3 Pop-up Campers:


Trail Manor 2720 Series

2720We will discuss the first hard-top pop-up trailer ​is the Trail Manor 2720 series. This unique hard-side pop-up camper gives you a perfect feel like the travel trailers

They are not A-frames; instead, they are rectangular, identical to the conventional travel trailer. You can fold them on top of each other, but they feel like campers available in the market. 

If you wonder about this brand, you must know that TrailManor 2720 series is a stylish travel trailer. You can store it within a garage and immediately tow it using the crossover, minivan, or SUV. 

So, what does it feature? This stunning trailer comes with a double bed, queen bed, and convertible dinette, and you get a wet bath with a full kitchen in this hard-top pop-up trailer. The length of the 2720 series is around 27″, with the dry weight measuring about 3100 pounds. 

You’ll love the TraManor 2720 series because it’s easy to store in a garage. Compared to the tent camper, you can easily set this pop-up camper in two minutes. In addition, you can enjoy camping with this camper even in the rain as it does not get wet inside. 

Towing with this camper is effortless. It only requires an extra gas gallon for towing this trailer to 100 miles. Moreover, it comes with stunning amenities like a hard wall bathroom featuring a tub, shower, different floor plan options, and many more suiting the vacation lifestyle!

Overall, it’s one of the best hard-sided folding campers, which works well for users. 


Chalet XL-1920

ChaletNext on our list of hard-sided pop-up campers is the Chalet XL-1920. It serves well for small families. Four adults can easily sleep in this camper featuring dual bunk beds with a rear bed. 

Wondering about the GVWR?

This hard sir pop-up camper weighs around 3500 pounds. The length of this camper is just 19′.

What does it offer you inside? It comes with the rear dinner bed, which is convertible. Plus, this camper also features a kitchenette, front bunks, fridge, wet bath (optional), and furnace, plus a storage closet. It also comes with an electronic roof-lifting feature. 

This one is a great choice for all those seeking an A-frame trailer with enough storage and ample sleeping space, as it comes with a bunk bed. It features 8’of headroom with bathroom, optional central shower, huge gallery, and countertops with residential height. 

Overall, this folding trailer features huge storage with an easy tow feature and low maintenance. Enjoy immediate setup with the patented electronic lift system for the roof. 

Forest River – A122S

rockwoodLast on our hard-sided pop-up camper list is the Forest River A122S, a type of hard-sided pop-up camper with an A-frame. It comes with all-in-one features that make it a great choice for campers. 

You’ll love this camper because it features the front dinette, flip-up bed, sink, stove, fridge, and a room with an exterior griddle. This camper comes with a 2120 pounds dry weight, having a length of around 19′. 

The best thing about this camper is that it features huge windows on the side with beautiful skylights offering enough natural light to campers opening up the entire space. 

The length of this camper varies between 17.1 to 22.1 inches, while the width is 84 inches. The road height of this trailer is 5.1 to 5’8″. Forest River is a brand that adds style and comfort for users. 

The Rockwood camper comes in two different styles, including hard side high wall and hard side series. The standard features include cabinets, fridge, burner stove, outside shower, electric water pump, mattresses, and outdoor gas grill. 

Overall, it’s the best hard-sided pop-up camper with a bathroom. Forest River makes sure to come with stunning innovations and incredible design, giving it an upgraded look. 


Do Hard Top Pop-Up Trailers Leak? 

When we talk about hard-top pop-up trailers, they are prone to leakage, similar to other campers. Make sure to check the RV or your campers for many years, cracks, or leakage areas. Ensure the seals and inspect the camper properly to prevent any leak issues.

Is a Hard-top Pop-Up Camper Worth It?

The hard-top pop-up trailer is a great choice to invest in. It’s easy to store, and you can easily tow it. The best part about these campers is that they are effortless to set up. 

They are great if you love indulging in RV life. Even if you plan to upgrade the camping experience, you’ll love investing in pop-up campers. If you plan to camp in different seasons and places, you should opt for hard-side pop-up campers. 




What are hard-side pop-up campers called?

Hard-shell pop-up campers are named so because they are made with hard sides compared to the canvas or the soft tents. Opt for hard-top pop-up trailers if you need the camper with protection, privacy, stability, and durability. 

What is the easiest pop-up camper to set up?

From the campers mentioned above, the easiest pop-up camper to set up is the FOREST RIVER – A122S. This stunning pop-up camper sets up easily without any hassle within minutes. 

How much is a hard-sided pop-up RV camper?

Hardtop pop-up trailers are slightly more costly as they come with extra insulation. It comes within a range of around $5000-$17000 and so on. 

Do pop-up trailers have bathrooms?

Pop-up campers come with bathrooms, but certain models lack bathrooms. If there is no bathroom in your pop-up camper, what you can do is invest in a customized bathroom. 

The bathrooms in the pop-up campers allow travelers to meet their needs, relax and enjoy taking showers. The limited space within the hard-side pop-up campers requires unique construction with incredible designs, settings, and accessories.



Are you in love with traveling outdoors? Do you plan on investing in the hard-side pop-up campers? Hope this guide helps you choose the best hard-top pop-up trailer for all your camping needs in harsh weather conditions. 

Enjoy the camping experience with your friends and family members in different places and weather.

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